Space 1889: An interview with Angus Abranson and Patric Götz

Space: 1889. The Kickstarter project for the more civilized Steampunk Roleplaying Game by Chronicle City and Clockwork Publishing is about a week after the launch funded. Congrats! The following forcast by Kicktraq looks also really promising. There is a pretty … Weiterlesen


Chronicle City Webstore: 15% Rabatt

Chronicle City, der „neue“ Verlag von Angus Abranson (ehemals Cubicle 7, Dragonmeet und Leisure Games) hatte Probleme mit seinem Webshop und Paypal. Als eine Art offener Stress-Test gibt es bis Freitag, den 25.01.2013, 15% Discount. „To entice you to assist … Weiterlesen

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