Cthulhu Organized Play Program: A Time to Harvest auf Deutsch?

Call of Cthulhu: A Time to Harvest (Image: Chaosium)

Call of Cthulhu: A Time to Harvest (Image: Chaosium)

Pegasus Spiele. Es sieht ganz danach aus, dass Pegasus Spiele aus Friedberg auch etwas in Richtung Organized Play für ihr Cthulhu-Rollenspiel machen wird. Aus gesicherter Verlagsquelle war zu erfahren, dass sie bereits die Kampagne A Time to Harvest von Chaosium an Land ziehen konnten.

„A Time to Harvest is a campaign unfolding over six months, which will be offered free to all members of The Cult of Chaos, Chaosium’s Game Master and Organized Play Program.


“It’s a tightly focused campaign, set in Lovecraft Country, which is inspired by and builds on H. P. Lovecraft’s tales“, said Mike Mason, line editor for Call of Cthulhu.


Written by established Call of Cthulhu authors Brian Sammons, Charles P Zaglanis, Glynn Owen Barrass and Mike Mason, A Time to Harvest is an an ideal campaign for novice Keepers and players alike, with plenty of advice throughout, but veteran players will also find it engaging and fun too.


„Things are not always what they seem and the players will have to navigate the various twists and turns. It’s also pretty fast paced, with plenty of action putting the investigators into dangerous situations. Whether around the learned halls of Miskatonic University, the streets of Arkham, or the wilds of Vermont, the players will have plenty of opportunities to explore, investigate, and face threats not of this world!”, said Mason.


Todd Gardiner, Chaosium’s Director of Organized Play said, „We are so excited to provide this opportunity for Keepers to bring play to gaming groups, stores and homes where they live. As we ramp up to the release of the seventh edition of Call of Cthulhu, bursting out on the scene with a new gaming initiative shows out commitment to reaching new players. Do you and your allies have the mettle to face off against new horrors, about to be unleashed?“


A Time to Harvest will be made available as free PDF downloads in six monthly installments to Cult of Chaos members, commencing Saturday April 16th.“
Interested Keepers need to first join The Cult of Chaos. Membership is free. Initial campaign materials will be sent out in March.
A Time to Harvest announcement by Chaosium (16. March 2016)

Weitere Details, wer die Übersetzung übernimmt, wann und in welcher Form die Abenteuerserie erscheinen soll ist noch offen. Vor dem Gratisrollenspieltag ist nicht mit weiteren Informationen zu rechnen.

Unsereins begrüßt die Idee für den deutschen Rollenspielmarkt.

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