Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG, Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels & Beast: the Primordial

Greater Than Games. Multiverse #1. Nächstes Jahr soll zu dem beliebten Superhelden-Kartenspiel ein passendes Rollenspiel erscheinen. Das Design übernehmen die Critical-Hits Studios.

„The Sentinel Comics RPG uses a brand new system that was specifically created for the characters and setting of the Sentinel Comics Multiverse. It uses pools of varying sizes of dice combined with specific traits and abilities to make each character come alive at the table! The game provides fantastic storytelling opportunities as well as fast-paced action, providing players with a distinct „comic book“ feel. Players can play as iconic characters from Sentinel Comics, or build their own characters to join forces and save the Multiverse!“
Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG announcement (03. June 2015)

Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels (Image: The Design Mechanism)

Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels (Image: The Design Mechanism)

The Design Mechanism. Multiverse #2: Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels. Die Agenten des Valhalla Projects sind zurück. Brian Talbots wunderliche Graphic Novels bilden die Grundlage des Runequest (RQ6)-Supplements. Eine Preview (11 Seiten) und eine Vorbestelloption werden vom Verlag bereits angeboten. Die gedruckte Ausgabe im Juli verfügbar sein.

„Not one Earth, but an infinity of them, existing in parallel continua, their own paths, own histories, own futures, own mistakes. Most are unaware of the existence of a multiverse; but some parallels know that Earth is not alone, but mirrored.


ZeroZero knows. It watches the parallels, ensures their stability. ZeroZero knows that instability spreads like a disease, infecting each parallel until a critical mass is reached and cataclysm is guaranteed.


The Disruptors know. And they are intent on subverting the multiverse for their own ends, to  destabilise countries, instigate wars, bring about destruction.


The Valhalla Project was established to stop the Disruptors; to uncover their plans, identify their agents, and eliminate them. Their best agent is Luther Arkwright, unique in the multiverse, a powerful psychic, but himself unstable. Arkwright does not work alone: there are others.



Based on Bryan Talbot’s acclaimed graphic novels, Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels is a RuneQuest supplement introducing the Arkwright multiverse and all the rules needed for adventuring in countless parallel dimensions. This book contains game rules for contemporary character creation, psionics, technology, firearms, vehicles and more! Hardcover. 184 pages. This is a preorder. Copies will be shipping from our warehouse in early July 2015. Note: this is a supplement for RuneQuest and requires either the RuneQuest 6 rules, or RuneQuest Essentials for full play.“
Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels announcement (03. June 2015)

Holy Moly, bereits 1992 gab es ein eher obskures The Adventures of Luther Arkwright RPG von 23rd Parallel Games. Wer erinnert sich daran? Die Luther Arkwright Comics von Brian Talbot sind definitiv „weird stuff“ – nicht im blasierten Sinne von Monte Cooks Numenera. Gekauft.

Beast: ThePrimordial (not final Cover) (Image: The Onyx Path)

Beast: ThePrimordial (not final Cover) (Image: The Onyx Path)

The Onyx Path. Kein Multiverse, sondern die New World of Darkness (nWoD). Gestern startete der Kickstarter für Beast: the Primordial.

„In Beast: the Primordial, you take the role of one of the Begotten, descendants of an ancient nightmare creature called the Dark Mother. Beasts view each other — and the other supernatural creatures of the World of Darkness — as family, which means that Beast is explicitly designed to be crossover-friendly, both in terms of game mechanics and setting.


Beware, though. Just because the Begotten see the vampires, werewolves, mages, changelings, and mummies as kin, doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual.
Beast: the Primordial Kickstarter description (03. June 2015)

Selbst ein Blick in das angeblich zu 99% fertige Skripthinterlässt ein dickes, fettes Fragezeichen. Wozu? Wer’s braucht, bitteschön …

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