#RPGaDAY2015 – Most recent RPG played? Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

#RPGaDAY (Image: Autocratik)

#RPGaDAY2015 (Image: Autocratik)

Autocratik (David F Chapman). #RPGaDAY2015 – 6th day and question:

Most recent RPG played? K.i.s.s – keep it simple and straight forward.

Nothing obscure – just a one shot Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D5E) by Wizards of the Coast. No final conclusion, but for me it’s the best version so far. Not perfect, still a very well designed and streamlined game. I would recommend to check it out.

I thought Unknown Armies 3rd Edition (Atlas Games) would be one of my next games. The appointment has been postponed. Sad news. I actually like what I read.

The extraordinary Baron Munchausen (aka James ‚No Vegas Yet‘ Wallis) is also playing D&D5 and he likes it also. Interesting.

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  1. In letzter Zeit bin ich leider nit wirklich zum spielen gekommen.
    Zuletzt mal eine Runde FAL (Far Away Land) über Google Hangouts gespielt.
    Dieses Spiel folgt ganz eindeutig K.i.s.s..
    Die Charaktererschaffung wie auch das Spiel geht so fix von der Hand, das der Einstieg einfach leicht fällt.