#RPGaDay2015 – Longest game session played? T&T, Cyberpunk 2013 & others ~ 16 hours

#RPGaDAY (Image: Autocratik)

#RPGaDAY2015 (Image: Autocratik)

Autocratik (David F Chapman). #RPGaDAY2015 – 19th day, 16th question:

Longest game session played?

Pardon, what is the reasoning for this question? Anyway, as a kid of the ’80s my life looked like school – (homework) – roleplaying – preparing the next session or creating a new house rule – sleep – school – …  I think you get it. On weekends we played even more. At peak times 16 hours with a few(!) breaks were not a problem. Back in the ’80s roleplaying was the thing!

As mentioned before, we played a lot Tunnels & Trolls (T&T, Flying Buffalo). Other systems were a marginal phenomenon for us. We pillaged them for adventures and ideas. In the late ’80 and early ’90 Cyberpunk 2013 (R. Talsorian Games) became more important. Neuromancer was nice, but Hardwired by Walter Jon Willams and the roleplaying sourcebook with the same title blew us away. Fight the Orbitals! Joe Haldeman’s Worlds: A Novel of the Near Future (German: Kreisende Welten) were also a huge inspiration.

Today, after work we play(ed) around 4 hours with a „pizza break“. Unfortunately, often too little time for a meaty game. I prefer sessions with a length around 6 to 8 hours, otherwise there is a good chance that the concentration will be lost. There is always a mobile ringing, an important email to check, etc.

Autocratik’s answer:

PS: Sorry, these „longest“ questions are in my opinion unnecessary.

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