#RPGaDay2015 – Longest campaign played? Tunnels & Trolls ~ 10 years

#RPGaDAY (Image: Autocratik)

#RPGaDAY2015 (Image: Autocratik)

Autocratik (David F Chapman). #RPGaDAY2015 – 16th day, 15th question:

Longest campaign played?

Tunnels & Trolls (Flying Buffalo, Schwerter & Dämonen (Fantasy Productions)) was our first real roleplaying game. We tried other systems, but we didn’t like them. T&T met our requirements – the rules were easy and we loved the tinkering and creative possibilities. We constantly added and changed rules. The world was also our shared creation – heavily inspired by Asprin’s Thieves‘ World anthologies, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Games Workshop), Midgard (German RPG, Verlag für Fantasy- und Science Fiction-Spiele (VFSF)) and Runequest (Avalon Hill), etc..
The campaign came after about 10 years to an abrupt end, when I left town and began to study.
In the meantime, other things like personal career and relationships became more important. Furthermore, other roleplaying games like Cyberpunk 2013 (R. Talsorian Games) and Vampire: The Masquerade (White Wolf Publishing) and Shadowrun (Fasa Corporation) drew more and more of our attention. We never invested so much effort and time in a game again.

Lessons learned: K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple and straightforward.

Today, I prefer one shots or brief campaigns. Even the television serial format with around 7 – 13 episodes (sessions) is not always manageable. Shorter campaigns with attainable objectives are more satisfying than open ended stories or even unfinished business. If there is enough interest, there will be an opportunity for a second season …

Autocratik’s (and Robin D. Laws) answer:

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