#RPGaDAY2015 – Forthcoming game you’re most looking forward to? Unknown Armies 3rd Edition

#RPGaDAY (Image: Autocratik)

#RPGaDAY2015 (Image: Autocratik)

Autocratik (David F Chapman). #RPGaDay was huge fun last year. If you love the RPG hobby, I recommend #RPGaDAY2015 in August. Enjoy.

First question: Forthcoming game you’re most looking forward to?

Sorry, on my list you won’t find anything popular like Numenera, The Strange, Cypher System (all Monte Cook Games), Savage Worlds (Pinnacle Entertainment Group), Pathfinder (Paizo) or Fate (Evil Hat). In my opinion, these games suck to a greater or lesser extent. (Surprise. Surprise. Monte Cook Games has just announced another Ninth World Kickstarter.)

Unknown Armies 3rd Edition (Atlas Games) (No release date yet) is without doubt my most anticipated game. Greg Stolze and John Tynes created with Unknown Armies a really weird and unique setting. By the way: Right now they are the playtesting the upcoming edition. I am really looking forward to our first game.

Honorable mentions in no specific order:
TORG: Eternity (Ulisses Spiele) (Planned for 2016)
The Witcher Role-Playing Game (CD Project Red & R. Talsorian Games) (Planned for mid 2016)
Blades in the Dark (John Harper) (Planned for Nov. 2015)
„1968. #DeltaGreen. Trail of #Cthulhu.“ (Pelgrane Press) (No release date yet)

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