#RPGaDay2015 – Favourite RPG Illustration? Brom, Paul Bonner, Gawain & Gary Chalk

#RPGaDAY (Image: Autocratik)

#RPGaDAY2015 (Image: Autocratik)

Autocratik (David F Chapman). #RPGaDAY2015 – 15th day, but for me the 12th question:

Favourite RPG Illustration?

Wow, this is a really though questions. I worked about 10 years for different comic and hobby companies. Many books went through my hands. During this time I saw a lot of illustrations.

Good stories and artwork are often more important than rules to me. Every world, campaign or adventure is „hackable“ with a game system like the old d6 engine by West End Games. Nowadays, the market is full of generic products like Fate or Savage Worlds, etc. If nothing works, I can improvise how to roll the dice, but I can not do „inspiring illustrations“.

I am unable to decide which is my favourite RPG illustration. But on today’s top list are:

Brom with something like his iconic Deadlands RPG (Pinnacle Entertainment) cover. For me, he is the master of goth fantasy art.

Deadlands (Image Brom/Pinnacle Entertainment)

Deadlands (Image Brom/Pinnacle Entertainment)

Paul Bonner is a genius. The Cadwallon RPG is just an example.

Cadwallon (Image: Paul Bonner/Rackham Miniatures (?))

Cadwallon (Image: Paul Bonner/Rackham Miniatures (?))

We have a lot of Shadows of Esteren (Agate Editions) haters over here in Germany. I do not really care. I still like the background and the art porn of the books. Impressive stuff. I pick Gawain’s Eberict, because he reminds me of the Brotherhood of the Wolves movie.

Shadows of Esteren: Eberict (Gawain/Agate Editions)

Shadows of Esteren: Eberict (Gawain/Agate Editions)

Finally, Gary Chalk is one of my favourite black and white RPG artists. Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf (Image: Gary Chalk/Le Grimoire)

Lone Wolf (Image: Gary Chalk/Le Grimoire)

There are so many more – honourable mentions: Timothy Bradstreet (Vampire: The Masquerade), Michael Kaluta (Mage: The Ascension), David Petersen (Mouse Guard RPG), Ian Miller (Warhammer RPG), Jon Hodgson (The One Ring), Tony DiTerlizzi (D&D Planescape), etc.

Autocratik’s (and Jon Hodgson’s(!)) answer(s):

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8 Kommentare

  1. Wirklich eine schwere Frage.
    Ich finde, das Artwork muss auch zum Spiel passen.
    Für eine Funny-RPG wären Bilder wie z.B. von Alex Ross sicherlich unpassend.

    Gary Chalk gehört auch mit zu meinen Favoriten, seine Bilder haben für mich das Bild von Magnamund geprägt.
    Uğurcan Yüce hat sehr beeindruckende Bilder für DSA gemacht.
    Larry Elmore war für mich der D&D Illustrator.


    • Als Jugendlicher mochte ich Elmore ebenfalls sehr. Wobei da gibt es so einen Shamanen, der Feuerpfeile beschwört.
      Heute würde eine Liste wohl etwas anders aussehen.

  2. Es wurde ja nach dem favorisierten RPG-Illustrator gefragt, bei favorisierten Illustratoren würde die Liste definitiv anders ausfallen.


  3. I love that Bromine pic. Sooo freaking epic. And the Shadows of Esteren art… that does indeed evoke the Brotherhood of the Wolf. Very cinematic!

    • Oliver, if you have the chance, check out Shadows of Esteren. The game system is not perfect, but I like the setting. Many images are pure art porn.

  4. I’ve got their sample book actually, and I couldn’t believe its quality. Soooo amazing. So yes, I will definitely have to get into their stuff. The system, to me, was a little bit of a turn off because it was so rules light, I like a little bit more meat. But I don’t think that would stop me having a blast with the game (and probably ending up loving the system anyway)!

    • Ok, we have different tastes. I am on the a rules light side. I think there are „better“ simple game systems. Enjoy.

  5. Ah well, I suppose I should just pick it up and give it a whirl. I’ll probably love the rules light side of it in the end. For the record, I think I’m more of a rules medium person! haha :)