Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG Announced

Schwalb Entertainment. Robert J. Schwalb kündigt mit Shadow of the Demon Lord ein eigenes, neues Dark Fantasy-Rollenspiel für 2015 an, das im kommenden Frühjahr mithilfe der Crowdfunding-Plattform Kickstarter finanziert werden soll.

Die Meriten-Liste des Autors ist bemerkenswert. Er war unter anderem Lead Designer des Song of Ice and Fire-Rollenspiels von Green Ronin. Des Weiteren arbeitete an populären Systemen wie  Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D 3E, 4E) und dem Cypher System (Numenera, The Strange). Dem Entwicklungsteam der überraschend gelungenen 5. Edition von D&D gehörte er ebenfalls an.

Shadow of the Demon Lord (Image: Schwalb Entertainment)

Shadow of the Demon Lord (Image: Schwalb Entertainment)

„… In Shadow of the Demon Lord, the player characters are embattled survivors struggling for existence in the ruins of the last great empire as the world teeters on the brink of the oblivion at the hands of the unspeakable Demon Lord. It is a landscape littered with ancient relics, suffused with dark magic, and rife with abandoned cities and ruins infested with terrifying creatures spawned from nightmares.



In spring 2015, Schwalb Entertainment, LLC will launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game’s production. “With the design nearly complete, we should be able to get the product in the backers’ hands before the end of next year,” says Schwalb. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Shadow of the Demon Lord will be available in shops and through book retailers by winter 2015.



Players of Shadow of the Demon Lord can explore the game’s bewildering and terrifying landscape and fight (or flee from) the terrors they find as they search for ways to delay or prevent the collapse of their world. Shadow of the Demon Lord supports any play experience, from one-shot sessions to complete campaigns, playable in as few as eleven sessions or for as long as the Demon Lord allows the characters to walk the world.


“I’ve always loved mixing elements of horror into traditional fantasy roleplaying,” says Schwalb, “and in Shadow of the Demon Lord, horror takes a front seat. I like to think of Shadow of the Demon Lord as the unholy spawn of D&D and Warhammer in that the familiar bits are there, but with a dark twist that makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable.

Shadow of the Demon Lord Press Release (25. Oct. 2014)

Hoffen wir, dass sich Herr Schwalb nicht zu sehr am „weichgespülten“ Warhammer 3 Roleplay orientiert. Diese Ankündigung erinnert mich ein wenig an das Midnight-Setting und an Earthdawn.

Shadow of the Demon Lord könnte seinen Markt finden, denn Dark Fantasy (Dragon Age, Game of Thrones) erfreut sich noch immer großer Popularität.

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