#RPGaDAY – Third Week

Gen Con 2014 is over. I think the interest in the #RPGaDAY conversation launched by @autocratik diminishes, but I want to answer all question. Enjoy.

#RPGaDay (Image:

#RPGaDay (Image:

#15 Favourite Convention Game
Dust Devils (very often a blast with open-minded gamers) and Geschenkt … ist noch zu teuer! (engl. No thanks! – a small card game for in-between two game sessions). Honorable mention: In Nomine Satanis, Unknown Armies and Night’s Black Agents.

#16 Game you wished you owned
Too many, but I want English or German translations of some foreign games like Symbaroum (Swedish), Cops, Scales or the last edition of In Nomine Satanis (all French). Bunnies & Burrows or Dune would also be nice.

#17 Funniest game you’ve played
A tie between Paranoia and In Nomine Satanis

#18 Favourite Game System
That depends, but I always prefer K.I.S.S. (keep it simple & straight) games. At the moment I really like roleplaying games powered by the Apocalypse World engine (tremulus, Dungeon World).

Un-Favourite System(s)
Pathfinder(!), the Star Wars Roleplaying Games by FFG (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, Star Wars: Force and Destiny), Numenera, Splittermond (German) and any crunch or power gamer system

#19 Favourite Published Adventure
The first parts of the original Enemy Within campaign for the Warhammer RPG, Ravenloft or Rahasia

#20 Will still play in 20 years time
Don’t know.

#21 Favourite Licensed RPG
The One Ring, the old d6 Star Wars RPG
I am neither a huge fan of Tolkien nor the „Lucasverse“, but these games get the atmosphere of the original sources.

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