#RPGaDAY – Second Week

Gen Con – The Best Four Days In Gaming! (August 14-17, 2014) starts today. Here are my second wave of #RPGaDAY answers.

#RPGaDay (Image:

#RPGaDay (Image:

# 8 Favourite Character
Usually, I was the gamemaster, but I played Trengur (16th lvl Tunnels & Trolls wizard) for many years. Most recently my favourite character was a 10th lvl Babarian (D&D 4e).

#9 Favourite Dice / Dice Set
I always prefer d6 – nothing special. As a kid I pillaged my old games. You need a lot of dice for Tunnels & Trolls. Ever rolled 100d6 for a Troll?

#10 Favourite tie-in Novel / Game Fiction
A friend said Godwalker (by Greg Stolze, Unknown Armies) followed by the Delta Green books are his favourites. I am not that cool. I think I am bit more traditional. I like the first Dragonlance books, but game novels are usually not on my list …

#11 Weirdest RPG owned
HOL: Human Occupied Landfill or Psychosis: Ship of Fools. I have more weird stuff … (think)

#12 Old RPG you still play / read
Tunnels & Trolls (T&T). Sometimes I am thinking about going back to Cyberpunk 2013 (Yes, CP2013!)

#13 Most memorable Character Death
Once upon a time we set up a trap, an ambush. Unfortuneatly, someone gave the signal to early and one of our fighters on his chariot(!) run accidentally over his fellows. Nearly a Total Party Kill …

#14 Best convention purchase
The Golden Dawn (Pagan Publishing) for Call of Cthulhu

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