The Rise Within: Free Quickstart Rules and Adventure

The Rise Within. Ein neues Indie-Fantasy-Rollenspiel von Marko M. Sekul und Zoltan Lečei soll voraussichtlich ab Oktober 2014 über Kickstarter finanziert werden. Vorab gibt es jetzt schon mal die 55-seitigen Quickstart-Regeln mit kurzem Abenteuer zum kostenlosen Download.

The Rise Within (Copyright/Image: The Games Collective)

The Rise Within (Copyright/Image: The Games Collective)



In The Rise Within, Players assume the role of powerful beings named Vasalli. Born as ordinary humans, at one point, their lives change as the Awakening happens. Sometimes it begins slowly, with people showing more potential than others and slowly evolving. Other times, the change comes violently and rapidly, brought by an unfortunate event or shock. After the change, which is named the Awakening, the Vasalli showed extraordinary capabilities and powers which earned them social prestige. The world is on the edge and it’s slipping away into chaos, permanent political struggles, accompanied creeping terror from underground; a Vargan race set on the vengeance against humanity. In the meantime, the numbers of last guardians of humanity, Colossi, are slowly fading.




The system is designed to emphasize the narration and flow of the story. The Players will often entirely avoid the unnecessary rolls, and forgo them in the favor of creativity and story flow. When needed, the common six sided dice are rolled, their number depending on the degree of the skill developement. The characters progress with the story; the players develop their skills by applying them and can see their alter egos growing through the game.

The Rise Within (19. June 2014)“

Als bekennender Tunnels & Trolls-Fan finde ich erwartungsgemäß auf 6-seitigen Würfeln basierende Rollenspiele sympathisch. The Rise Within geht jedoch wie Shadowrun oder die World of Darkness klar in Richtung Dice Pools.

Die Schnellstartregeln blätterte ich gerade einmal durch. Schickes Layout und Bilder, aber ich weiß nicht, ob diese Erwachten-Fantasy meinen Low Fantasy-Nerv trifft. Einen zweiten Blick ist es jedoch auf jeden Fall wert – also kommt The Rise Within auf meinen Lesestapel.

May you do well, The Rise Within team.

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