Infinity: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game Announced

Infinity - The Roleplaying Game (Image: Modiphius Entertainment)

Infinity – The Roleplaying Game (Image: Modiphius Entertainment)

Modiphius Entertainment. Chris Birch macht gemeinsame Sache mit den Spaniern von Corvus Belli. Ihr populäres Sci-Fi Skirmish Tabletop bildet die Grundlage für das angekündigte Rollenspiel.

Bereits im kommenden Frühjahr soll Infinity: The Roleplaying Game – Adventures in the Human Sphere and Beyond vorbestellbar sein. Im Sommer soll ein Kickstarter für Zusatzmaterial (Kampagnen, Erweiterungen, Würfel) und spezielle Rollenspielminiaturen folgen.

„Modiphius teamed up with Corvus Bellis to unite their roleplaying publishing expertise with the fantastic Infinity setting.


„As Infinity was created by roleplayers, our secret desire has been always to release the RPG version of the game. Unfortunately, Infinity requires all our time and we were unable to create the RPG everyone has been asking for. To find the right partner, with the same attention to detail has been really difficult and the reason we have not released an RPG before.


So, when Chris contacted us we felt very happy, as he demonstrated a deep understanding of the universe and spirit of Infinity. We discussed plenty of covert operations, secret schemes and adventures and we know Modiphius has a very professional approach that will ensure they deliver a truly high-quality product. Now we only regret not having teamed up with them before!” said Gutier, background developer of Infinity.


Modiphius have announced that the Infinity roleplaying game will use 2d20, the in-house roleplaying system designed by Jay Little (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, X-Wing Miniatures Game) for Mutant Chronicles, which encourages cinematic action with its simple mechanics. New rules will introduce hacking, starships, playing characters who are fragments of an AI and much more. The core of the system is a ‘2d20’ roll versus a character’s Attribute and Skill total allowing for multiple successes, and Infinity fans will recognise many other familiar elements which will help translate the tabletop action into the roleplaying world.

What Will Be In the Roleplaying Book?

You’ll discover how the original story developed, the backstory around some of the major events in the Infinity universe, secrets that have only been guessed at, and much more through the growing range of Infinity roleplaying books. We’ll be digging deeper to let you adventure through the worlds of each faction, and plan for our roleplaying campaigns to include suggested skirmish games to play out as well.

The roleplaying game will focus on interesting characters and organisations that will let you explore the Infinity universe from a different perspective. There is one organisation in particular with a dangerous agenda, that will lead you on an epic adventure through the key events of the Infinity story!“
Modiphius Entertainment announcement (31. Oct. 2014)

Yay, da geht was, wenn die eifrigen Briten es zwischenzeitlich nicht vermasseln. Mehr gibt es dazu nicht sagen. Das einzigartige mangaeske Skirmish Tabletop von Corvus Belli wird nicht umsonst immer populärer. Das Infinity: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game kann meinetwegen gerne kommen.

Via: Bodo K.

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