Infected RPG: Art Preview & Playtesters Wanted

Immersion Studios. Die Zombiewelle ebbt nicht ab. Die australische Indie-Rollenspielschmiede will sich mit dem Infected RPG ihrerseits dem untoten Genre annehmen und nächstes Jahr ihre Vision der endzeitlichen Unterhaltung über Kickstarter anbieten.

Young blood - Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Young blood – Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Trotz Walking Dead Fatigue gibt es immer wieder Genrepublikationen an denen ich hängen bleibe. Beispielsweise machen die kooperativen Brettspiele Zombicide oder neuerdings auch Dead of Winter einen sehr passablen Eindruck. Zufälligerweise stolperte ich jetzt über das Infected RPG und wider Erwarten wurde meine Interesse geweckt. Der Herausgeber stellte freundlicherweise folgende Vorabinformation und einige Bilder zur Verfügung.

Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

„Infected! is the first upcoming release of Immersion Studios, an Australian-based Indie RPG publisher. Set at the beginning, during, or well after a horrifyingly realistic vision of an epidemic that sweeps across the world. The virus kills most people – but those it doesn’t, it changes. After weeks spent in a coma, they wake utterly different. Transformed by the virus and by a terrible hunger. For the sickness consumes their bodies still, and they must feed it, or they will perish.

Gas Attack - Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Gas Attack – Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

The outbreak didn’t happen overnight. It took months. Possibly years. You don’t know – you’ve stopped counting the days, and most power failed long since. Ravaged by artillery, air strikes, nukes and protracted combat, most cities are all-but destroyed – their populations with them. Now, in these cities and the countryside beyond, the Infected continue to hunt for their prey.

Zealots - Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Zealots – Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Some communities have clung on, behind protective walls and with brutal rules. Around these places, the Infected wait and watch, searching for weaknesses. Beyond such places, survival is desperate. There are zealots, cannibals, bandits and petty tyrants who are just as dangerous as the Infected – and often far more so. Watch your back, trust no-one, and always be ready to run.

Desolate City - Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Desolate City – Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Infected! utilises the Immersion RPG rules system, an intuitive system that is classless, levelless and completely universal. The rules can be tweaked to suit your particular style of play. Perfect for gamers who want their RPG world to feel utterly vivid and alive, and to literally immerse themselves in the experience.


A Kickstarter is planned for this book in early 2015, and after that there will be more settings to come from Immersion Studios – including an epic fantasy, a sci-fi/fantasy, and a dark, gothic steampunk setting. If you’re interested in getting involved, they are looking for playtesters to help finalise the rules system. The signup page can be found here. The website for Infected! can be found here.“
– Infected! project description (23. Nov. 2014 (mail))

Alpha - Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Alpha – Infected RPG (Image: Immersion Studios)

Grafisch kann sich das doch schon mal sehen lassen. Gegenwärtig werden Playtester gesucht. Sollte der Virus übergesprungen sein, bitte beim Hersteller melden. Viel Vergnügen.

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