The Bacterionomicon via Kickstarter

The Bacterionomicon. Noch rund 4 Tage läuft der Kickstarter von Nerdcore Medical. Das bereits erfolgreiche Crowdfunding-Projekt finanziert ein Fantasy-Monsterartbook mit 41 „Lords of Pestilence“ (infektiösen Bakterien) und 27 „Apothecary Healers“ (Antibiotika). Wie bitte?

The Bacterionomicon: VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus) (Image: Nerdcore Medical)

The Bacterionomicon: VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus) (Image: Nerdcore Medical)

Wer braucht da noch das Necronomicon? Das ist doch endlich mal ein etwas anderes Monster Manual oder Bestiary für Rollenspieler.

„A fantasy-art style bestiary of lethal bacteria and the antibiotics that fight them.




The Bacterionomicon is an artbook bestiary, with entries for 41 „Lords of Pestilence“ (infectious bacteria) and 27 „Apothecary Healers“ (antibiotics).


It’s a spinoff from, and expansion of, a card game called “Healing Blade: Infectious Disease Card Battle” – but you don’t need to have played the game to enjoy the book!




• ANYONE INTERESTED IN SCIENCE OR MEDICINE. Learning is more effective when it’s fun! Paging through this book adds story, drama, and accessibility to the somewhat overwhelming fields of microbiology, pathology, and pharmacology.


• MEDICAL AND NURSING STUDENTS. Study, study, study: It’s all you do! Take a break and page through this cool book. Guess what! You’re STILL studying. The mnemonic devices in this book will help drill this stuff into your brain.


• MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. Stay sharp! Anything helps, and The Bacterionomicon will light up some other parts of your brain and give you some creative mnemonic devices. Plus, it’s cool to recognize all the little scientific facts embedded in these characters.


• RPG FANS. A great addition to any gamer’s collection of beasts and heroes. Make a campaign that travels through a metaphorical human body, ridding the land of evil pests, using inspiration from this book!


• FANTASY ART COLLECTORS. A beautiful coffee-table book to rival any other. Put away the exobiology book for a while and dazzle them with some super-nerdy medical fantasy.


• WAITERS WITH UNEVEN TABLES. Have you run out of shims for your wobbly tables? Tear out a few pages from this book – hey wait, don’t do th – c’mon, we worked hard on that!“
The Bacterionomicon description (27. March 2014)

Ich bin amüsiert. Endlich mal wieder eine „coole“ Idee für den Schwarm.

Via: Andreas B.

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