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Servants of the Cinder Queen (Copyrigtht/Image: Penny Lantern)

Servants of the Cinder Queen (Copyrigtht/Image: Penny Lantern)

Servants of the Cinder Queen. Penny Lantern bietet derzeit via Kickstarter ein kleines Dungeon World-Abenteuer an.



There once was a monastery perched high on a slope of the mountain called Hvitr’s Horn. The warrior-monks who dwelt within were dedicated to the god Hvitr—lawful god of storms and justice—and entrusted with the stewardship of holy artifacts and texts. But above all else they were gatekeepers; for Hvitr’s Horn was an active volcano, and thus (like all active volcanoes) a gateway to Ellorash, an elemental plane of fire. The end of this brotherhood came with an eruption that spewed forth the Flaming Host of Ellorash, an otherworldly legion led by the demi-goddess Gildarthe. Legend holds that Hvitr himself descended from the heavens to beat back Gildarthe and seal the planar gateway, but not before the monastery and all within were drowned in a flood of lava.


Now, 300 years later, the steading of Meervold, at the foot of Hvitr’s Horn, has entered a dark time. Villagers are disappearing. Strange lights are seen on the cold slopes. Distant screams echo through the night. The Council of Elders is broken and powerless, and those who have not fled Meervold remain only because they are paralyzed with fear.


What secrets lie beneath the ruined monastery? Are any of the missing villagers still alive? Is there any truth to the rumors of holy artifacts locked within the mountain?

Only a fool or an adventurer would dare seek the answers!“
Servants of the Cinder Queen (9. June 2014)

Servants of the Cinder Queen kostet mit Shipping $9. Mir gefällt überdies der Comicstil. Gebacked!

Urban Shadows RPG (Copyright/Image: Andrew Medeiros)

Urban Shadows RPG (Copyright/Image: Andrew Medeiros)

Darüber hinaus offeriert Andrew Medeiros parallel über die gleiche Crowdfunding-Plattform sein Urban Shadows RPG, eine Urban Fantasy-Adaption der wegweisenden Apocalypse World-Engine.



Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy roleplaying game where you’ll play characters struggling to survive in a dark urban environment drowning in supernatural politics. The game focuses heavily on the gritty drama and tense violence that we see so often in works like The Dresden Files, Angel and Supernatural.

The rules for Urban Shadows are based on Apocalypse World, an award winning RPG by Vincent Baker that also fuels games like Dungeon World, Monsterhearts, and Sagas of the Icelanders. The mechanics push the story forward toward exciting and unexpected ends; your actions are resolved with minimal rules and maximum drama.“
Urban Shadows RPG (9. June 2014)

Seit tremulus (gegenwärtig mein bevorzugtes Cthulhu-Rollenspiel) und Dungeon World (DW) bin ich auf Vincents Bakers Apocalypse World basierenden Rollenspielen sehr zugetan. Ich präferiere diesen Fiction First-Ansatz (aus DW) klar gegenüber z. B. Fate Core oder dem „schnellen Spaß (?)“ von Savage Worlds. Letztgenanntes Fast! Furious! Fun!!!-Rollenspiel empfinde ich nicht als sonderlich zügig (z. B. im Vergleich zu Tunnels & Trolls) und zu dem „Meta-Rollenspiel“ Fate finde ich seinerseits keinen richtigen Zugang – lediglich schöne Settings (Nova Praxis, Tianxia (Wuxia!)). Fiasko ist okay, mir aber zu freeform-kompetitiv – unterhaltsame Con-/Pausenunterhaltung. Hoffentlich hält das Urban Shadows RPG, was es verspricht. Eine inoffizielle World of Darkness-Konvertierung fehlt mir noch, da Monsterhearts an mir vorbeiging. Gebacked.

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