The Strange by Monte Cook Games via Kickstarter

The Strange (Matt Stawicki, Monte Cook Games)

The Strange (Matt Stawicki, Monte Cook Games)

The Strange, a Tabletop RPG by Bruce Cordell & Monte Cook. Monte Cook Games gehen nach ihrem ersten Science Fantasy-Streich Numenera in die zweite Kickstarter-Runde.

Bruce Cordell und Monte Cook zeichnen sich gemeinsam für dieses neue Weirdo-Rollenspiel verantwortlich. Mich erinnert das Ganz entfernt an den Klassiker TORG.

Bis zum 22. November brauchen die beiden Autoren $60,000 (kein Problem) und im nächsten August soll The Strange in den Regalen der Unterstützer auftauchen. Folgt nach dem überaus World of Darkness-Zyklus (White Wolf) nun eine Cypher System-Ära, beide Spiele verwenden die gleichen Regeln.

„Explore mysterious worlds hidden just outside our reality in this new RPG using the story-based Cypher System of Numenera.





Monte Cook Games is thrilled to announce its next big tabletop roleplaying game: The Strange! Written and designed by Bruce Cordell and Monte Cook, The Strange is a game that crosses multiple worlds, called recursions, which player characters can explore and defend. In The Strange, your characters change with each world they travel to, taking on new aspects suited to help them function in that recursion’s unique laws and structures. But dangers found in these recursions threaten not only characters, but also our very own Earth. If characters persevere, however, they can not only save themselves and Earth, they may even gain the ability to create a recursion of their own!


If you enjoyed the inspiring scope of games like Planescape, Gamma World, or Numenera, or mind-bending scenarios like Moorcock’s Eternal Champion series, the TV show Fringe, or movies like the Matrix, you’re going to love The Strange.


We’ve assembled a great team to work on The Strange. In addition to Bruce and Monte, the exceptional Shanna Germain will serve as lead editor, and she’s developing some amazing concepts both for the game and the presentation of the material. Superstar artist Matt Stawicki serves as the lead artist. He’s working with us to create a unique visual look for the setting. But we’d love to see you join the team too, either as a backer, or even a contributor (see the backer levels for more information).


For more information, please visit A lot of news about the game can be found there, and much more is coming! And keep checking back for frequent updates and more previews!





The Strange corebook will be a 416-page, full-color hardcover book done in the highly beautiful, art-heavy style of Numenera (although with its own sensibilities, of course). The two books will look very nice on your shelf together. The Strange corebook will include the rules of the game, character creation information, the details of the very unique setting, some creatures and NPCs, some GMing advice, and even an adventure to get you started.


The Strange Player’s Guide will be a 96-page full-color softcover book that collects all the character creation information from the corebook, plus an overview of the setting. This book is intended for players.


The Dark Spiral will be a 96-page full-color softcover book that contains a number of linked scenarios which take characters from Earth to both Ruk and Ardeyn, as well as into other minor recursions. This book is intended for GMs.


If you’ve seen the Numenera corebook, the Player’s Guide, or The Devil’s Spine adventure, you know these books will be beautiful. Numenera fans will find The Strange products to be excellent companions to their books, with new descriptors, types, foci, creatures, and more that they can use (the rules for the two games will be entirely compatible).“

The Strange, a Tabletop RPG by Bruce Cordell & Monte Cook product description

Um ehrlich zu sein, ich bin indifferent. Mein Numenera (Buch) ist noch nicht da. Numenera überzeugt mich nicht so sehr, sowohl die Welt als auch die Mechanik. Den Hype um Rollenspiele von Monte Cook verstehe wer will, ich nicht.

The Strange wird wieder toll aussehen, davon gehe ich aus. Dennoch entwickle ich eine Kickstarter Fatigue – es ist zu viel und die Industrialiserung der Idee behagt zumindest mir oft nicht.

Doch The Strange ist bereits jetzt ein Erfolg. Beeindruckend.

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