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The Future Belongs To Us: Player's Guide (Ataraxy Publishing)

The Future Belongs To Us: Player’s Guide (Ataraxy Publishing)

Ataraxy Publishing. Der Verlag kündigte zum 22. April 2013 das neue Science Fiction-Rollenspiel The Future Belongs To Us an.

Die Webseite zeigt sich bis dato bedauerlicherweise wenig ergiebig. Die Frage, worum geht es eigentlich, wird dort unzureichend beantwortet. Eine direkte Anfrage beim hilfsbereiten Herausgeber ergab allerdings folgende Produktbeschreibung:

„The game world has self driving flying cars that can be summoned to you, three orbital space stations that characters can sneak onto, humanoid robots, new animals that have been created through genetic engineering, fabricators that can create equipment for you from base materials, endoputers inside of your body powered by body heat and kinetics, invisibility clothing, cling gloves that allow you to climb up walls and ceilings, nanomesh armor, powered suits that can become autonomous when no one is wearing them, flying surveillance cameras, infrasonic handguns, adhesive mind reading devices, holographic home computers, and many more fantastic elements.


There are various groups of varying influence that play a role in the game world. The Hardbodies are a powerful gang/crime syndicate that have largely marginalized all others. The government either can not or does not do much to contain their behaviors. The UNE is an overarching global government that oversees all individual nations and supplies police and military forces to „keep the peace“. Unfortunately, usually it is ordinary people that are handled by the UNE forces and not more dangerous threats. A large number of cults of personality have arisen with followers claiming to witness impossible miracles from individual „Mystics“. Many of these claims are unverified, but they are becoming harder to deny. There is another organization known as „The Brotherhood“ by people who believe in them. This group is largely based on myth and speculation, and very little is known about them. However, many believe them to be a collective of power brokers that actually control world events. The player characters are part of a loose confederation of liberty oriented people known as the Freedom Underground. They largely operate independently or as part of cells to achieve what they personally consider important objectives. By and large they serve to bring justice to ordinarily people where others have failed them.


The Future Belongs To Us features a completely original set of game mechanics called the DiceLight system. One fascinating element of this system is the ability for players to choose how they want to defend against attacks including dodging, blocking, evasion, countermoves, and preemption. Unlike other RPGs, players actually do all the dice rolling so that the GM can focus on describing what is going on and telling the story.


The game has been praised for being able to seamlessly fluctuate between a heavy combat and strategy game on one hand, to a heavily story driven system, depending on who’s running it or who’s playing in it, and it doesn’t really feel like it suffers from being too integrated into one mindset.“
The Future Belongs To Us product description

Cyberpunk? Akira? Cybergeneration? Underground? Aus den verfügbaren Informationen wird man nicht so recht schlau, aber das angedeutete mysteriöse Setting liest sich spannend.

Kann es sein, dass die Zukunft nach der noch immer andauernden Fantasy-Welle mit bourgeoisen Halblingen und dunklen Intrigenreichen wieder verstärkt in den Fokus der Nerds und Geeks rückt?

Sofern die hoffentlich bald ausgedienten Star Trek/Star Wars-Franchises endlich mal Ruhe geben, soll es mir recht sein.

Sollte das angekündigte Rollenspiel überzeugen, dann kann sich The Future Belongs To Us meinetwegen gerne bewahrheiten.

Im Übrigen sind Frauen mit blauen Haaren wesentlich attraktiver als kleine grüne Männlein, die Yoga-Weisheiten im Universum verbreiten.

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