The ENDLESS BLUE Campaign Setting via Kickstarter

The ENDLESS BLUE Campaign Setting, a true oceanic world. William James Cuffe bietet eine eigenständige Vision eines „untergetauchten“ Fantasy-Rollenspiels via Kickstarter an. Der Autor vergleicht seine fantastische (Unter-)Wasserspielwelt mit der Fremdartigkeit von Wayne Douglas Barlowe’s „Expedition“, dem Konflikt der Ideen des D & D-Settings Planescape, der epischen Breite von Michael Moorcocks Werken und der Anpassungsfähigkeit der Spielsysteme D20/Pathfinder.

„ENDLESS BLUE, an immersive RPG set in a world submerged under water, featuring strange races, unique challenges, and danger everywhere.


Life began in water…

…ours begins on Kickstarter!

Endless Blue is an immersive tabletop fantasy RPG set in a world covered with ocean.  It focuses on ideas and story over mechanics, written from a logical perspective, producing an imaginatively alien yet familiar setting so detailed that it feels like it could actually exist.


Endless Blue Campagain Setting


Welcome to the world of Elqua, the water world around which the ENDLESS BLUE Campaign is played.  ENDLESS BLUE will be a D20/Pathfinder tabletop RPG compatible setting.  It will be different from other „aquatic“ supplements in that unlike those others, which are meant to be tacked onto an existing land-based campaign, ENDLESS BLUE is built from the ocean-floor up.  Much like the flip side of most games, the underwater cultures are the dominant races of the world.  In fact, they are the ONLY ones, as there is no intelligent life on the small archipelagos that dot the endless horizon of blue.  This juxtaposition poses some problems for life as we know it, but many of the ideas that define the setting take this into account: How do you write under water, or farm, or build, or even cook for that matter?  In many ways, the ENDLESS BLUE Campaign Setting rulebook will be one-half role playing supplement and another half world building exercise.


There will be nine different playable races in the ENDLESS BLUE, with memorable classes, cultures, and politics that through the centuries have both brought them together as well as kept them at each other’s throats.  Creatures almost too small to see and monstrosities that dwarf the largest prehistoric beast all inhabit the same oceans as the players, each providing a unique slant to survival under the waves.  Special attention is given to the most everyday experiences in order to explore and explain the unique difficulties inherent in an aquatic civilization.  Imagine the alienness of Wayne Douglas Barlowe’s „Expedition“, the war of ideas from Planescape, the epic scope of the works of Michael Moorcock, and the adaptability of the D20/Pathfinder system all working together to deliver a world like no other…“
The ENDLESS BLUE Campaign Setting, a true oceanic world. product description

The ENDLESS BLUE Campaign Setting, a true oceanic world.-Kickstarter

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