Storm Battalion RPG via Indiegogo: What is Tesla punk?

Storm Battalion, Brennan Bishop bietet seine Idee eines Rollenspiels über die Crowdfunding-Plattform Indiegogo an. Er arbeitet mit Third Eye Games (Part-Times God, etc.) zusammen. Schlagwörter im Zusammenhang mit dem Plot: Amerikanischer Unabhängigkeitskrieg, „magische Stürme“, mutierte Monster, Internationaler Ressourcenkampf, Elektrizität und Erfindungen von Nicola Tesla (Erdbebengranaten, ferngesteuerte Roboter, Todesstrahlen usw.).
Die Charaktere suchen und sichern diese Stürme im Auftrag von Nationen, ziehen hochrangige Persönlichkeiten aus dem Verkehr, sabotieren Versorgungslinien oder stehlen Geheimnisse.  Kurz gesagt – sie verdienen sich als (para-)militärische Spezialeinheit.

Die ganze Angelegenheit spielt vorrangig im britisch besetzten Kanada und den belagerten Vereinigten Staaten. Was sagt man dazu?

„My main project now is called Storm Battalion and it is based on the idea that during the war for American independence, a number of storms broke out that turned the landscape and all living things caught inside it into twisted reflections of what they once were. These monsters have their own agendas and will terrorize humanity while doing so.
The storms also brought about a revolution in electrical energy as the power within it could be stored and used to run many different machines of war.
The game takes place in 1935. Long after the storms have left their mark on the world. America, Britain, Canada, The European Union, and a nation made up of indigenous people are at war with one another for the land that the storms are most prevalent in. Each country gives unique bonuses to a character that originates from there and helps promote variety in groups.


Characters have access to monstrous powers granted to them by the storms (such as controlling the bones of enemies, starting plagues, becoming others through eating them, and many more), as well as fantastic weaponry loosely based around the inventions of Nicola Tesla (earthquake grenades, radio controlled robots, deathrays, single-pilot propulsion backpacks, dirigibles, and so on).

Characters are employed by one governing nation to seek out and secure storms, assassinate important officials, attack supply routes, steal secrets and generally any tasks the military would impart upon a small squad of incredibly able individuals.
The setting is mostly Canada as occupied by British forces, with forays into a besieged United States.


The book has already been written and has all the setting details, character creation, power and technology listings, monster and antagonist statistics, 6 premade ready-to-play characters, and 2 adventures to establish the setting and abilities of the characters.“
Storm Battalion product description

Liest sich wie ein Exposé für eine entweder fantastische oder lausige Serie. Irgendwo zwischen diesen Polen wird sich das Rollenspiel Storm Battalion ebenfalls vermutlich kaum einordnen können. Bis zum 1. März soll das Projekt finanziert werden. Spannend …

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