Sticks & Stones Prehistoric-ish Role-Playing Setting for Savage Worlds

Sticks & Stones RPG (Jade Tower Studios)

Sticks & Stones RPG (Jade Tower Studios)

Jade Tower Studios. Es gibt einen neuen Hintergrund für das sehr beliebte Rollenspiel Savage Worlds.

„Prähistorische“ Rollenspiele liegen gerade offenbar im Trend. Hillfolk von Robin D. Laws spielt, sofern ich mich recht entsinne in der Eisenzeit. Das Cavemaster RPG fokussiert Steinzeitgeschichten.

Rob “Lug” Lusks Sticks & Stones wirft Magie und andere Fantasyelemente in den Topf.

„Sticks & Stones Prehistoric-ish Role-Playing Setting for Savage Worlds


Sticks & Stones is a romp through a prehistory that time forgot. Players choose from among a variety of races struggling for survival and dominance at the dawn of humanity. To stay alive, you’ll have to use everything you’ve got: shamanic powers, mighty beasts, brutal weapons, cunning inventions, shiny rocks, diplomatic grunts, threatening stares, and more!

Just remember—no talking (except known words) while you are in character!


This book contains the complete Sticks & Stones Role-Playing Setting. You will also need a copy of the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition rules to play this game.

Sticks & Stones is a full-color, 188 page PDF.


It contains:

  • More than 150 full-color illustrations
  • Full-color player’s and Cave Master’s maps of the Land of Lur (the Cave Master’s map is fully linked to descriptions of locations)
  • A fully linked Table of Contents and Index
  • Comprehensive Bookmarks
  • Rules for language (and the lack thereof)
  • New Skills, Hindrances, Edges, and Powers
  • Character creation rules for Archaic Homo sapiens (Ahs), Homo Floresiensis (Florz), Cave N.E.R.D.s, Neanderthals, and Dino sapiens
  • 9 ready-to-play Archetype characters
  • Shamanic Magic rules
  • Weird Prehistoric Science rules
  • Detailed descriptions of important plant and animal life on Lur
  • Descriptions of a variety of locations of interest
  • Religion in Lur (and the secrets of the Spirits)
  • Detailed descriptions of the inhabitants and settlements of the Land of Lur
  • Rules for travel in the Land of Lur
  • Prehistoric-ish Armor, Hand Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Ammunition, Currency, Miscellaneous Gear
  • Weird Prehistoric Science Vehicles, Vehicle Add-Ons, Weapons, and other Gadgets
  • A host of magical Relics
  • 9 linked plot-point adventures
  • 17 one-shot adventures
  • A Bestiary with more than 30 creatures
  • A comprehensive Index
  • Templates for a new weapon (the Bum Breaker)
  • A Character Sheet“

Sticks & Stones product description

Images: Jade Tower Studios

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