Shadowrun: Way of the Samurai und mehr

Catalyst Game Labs bietet im Januar 3 neue Produkte (PDFs) für das beliebte Rollenspiel Shadowrun an.

  • The Way of the Samurai

    „Honor. Skill. And Exceptionally Sharp Blades

    They are legends. They are dangerous. They are feared. They are to be avoided—unless you have one of them on your side. They are street samurai.“
    – product description

  • Sprawl Sites: High Society and Low Life

    „Find Your Way Into Wealth—or out of Danger
    If your run the shadows long enough and manage to stay alive, you’ll find your way into all sorts of places—from bank vaults where the wealthy store their most previous possessions to densely packed warrens that pack dozens of the poor into tight spaces. Maybe you’ll need to break a patient out of a tightly guarded hospital, or maybe you’ll need to help your client sneak into an exclusive party on the top floor of a luxurious mansion.“
    – product decription

  • Paranormal Animals of Europe

    „Horrible. Strange. Beautiful.

    The glorious creatures of the mythic past and horrors undreamt of dwell in the Europe of 2054. Gargoyles and goblins stalk the streets of London. Centaurs and satyrs roam the countryside. A mysterious and menacing menagerie of creatures, both fearsome and friendly, now populates the European landscape.“
    – product decription

Alle 3 Erweiterungen gibt es bei driveThruRPG.

Catalyst Game Labs: January release extravaganza! Three new products for your Shadowrunning pleasure!

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