Shadowrun Online kommt nicht vor November 2013

Shadowrun Online: Dragon

Shadowrun Online: Dragon

Shadowrun Online (Kickstarter Update #26), Cliffhanger Productions versenden heute eine Umfrage und die bislang angekündigte Veröffentlichung im Mai verschiebt sich voraussichtlich in den November 2013. Das Team sei zu klein und aus finanziellen Gründen nicht beliebig erweiterbar.

Stattdessen wird wohl das Computerspiel Shadowrun Returns von Harebrained Schemes im Frühjahr/Sommer und schließlich auch die neue Version von Shadowrun 5 im Sommer/Herbst (Gen Con 2013?) erscheinen.

Seltsamerweise deutet das Team ein „Stormfront book“ an. Scheinbar kennen Sie den Quellenband Firestorm: Stormfront für Cyberpunk 2020 nicht, oder es ist ihnen schlicht egal.

„First of all, our initial survey will go out today – so you should receive a mail from surveymonkey soonish. If not, please check your spam box or let us know here if you haven’t gotten anything by end of the week.


The second news is about our delivery dates – we were aiming for May 2013, but we are going to postpone. For one, we need more time to make the product- we are a small team and we cannot just add more people to speed up with the limited budget we have. Further, our friends at Harebrained have announced they will release around that time and we absolutely do not want to get in their way – there are two great Shadowrun products out there and we don’t want to have them compete. And with SR5 also coming out, there is enough Shadowrun goodness to fill your Summer and then some.


Which means we will move out into later this year, probably November. We of course apologize for the delay, but we have received a lot of feedback telling us to rather do a good game and take enough time than put out something second rate earlier. We hope you will agree and thank you for your understanding.


What that means for our beta date is not yet clear, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

Meanwhile we have finalized the plot and setting together with our friends at Catalyst to fit into the SR5 timeline and the events following the upcoming Stormfront book and combined it with our game requirements for the setting. We are quite excited by what we have come up with – it is not your run of the mill RPG story and it will in itself already be part of a major event in the Shadowrun Universe timeline. Let’s just say we will start with a bang, not with a whimper ;)


That is it for now – remember to keep updated on the latest news for all things Shadowrun over at our joint website and join the forums there!“

Shadowrun Online (Kickstarter Update #26)

Der avisierte Corporate War als Grundlage für Shadowrun Online und Shadowrun 5 klingt nicht übermäßig ideenreich (Vergleiche Firestorm für Cyberpunk 2020). Doch harren wir der Dinge, die da kommen mögen.

Shadowrun Online (Kickstarter Update #26)
Shadowrun Online-Kickstarter

Freigabe via “Shadowrun Online”-Kickstarter


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