Shadowrun 5 ab dem 11. Juli 2013 für 20 $

Shadowrun 5. The new Sixth World is coming. Catalyst Game Labs macht bald die Leinen los – zumindest für die PDF-Ausgabe ihres Cyberganovenmärchenrollenspiels.
Die Toter Baum-Variante folgt dann im August.

„Catalyst Game Labs is extremely excited to announce that on July 11th the PDF of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition will go on sale for $20 (available both at as well as Along with Harebrained Schemes’ release of Shadowrun Returns on July 25th, fans of the Sixth World will have more Shadowrun drek to leap into than you can shake a fist full of credsticks at!


Additionally, while stores have been able to pre-order Shadowrun, Fifth Edition for some time (and if you can support your local game store, please do!), that date will also see online pre-orders available for the print books, both the standard edition as well as the limited editions we’ll be offering (details surrounding the limited editions will be provided in a future post).


The print edition of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition will be available in stores come August.“
– Shadowrun 5 product announcement

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