#rpggratitude to @Trollgodfather & @LizDanforth

Tunnels & Trolls (Liz Danforth, Flying Buffalo)

Tunnels & Trolls (Liz Danforth, Flying Buffalo)

Twitter. I am a victim of the #rpggratitude meme. So, I thank Ken St. Andre and Liz Danforth for Tunnels & Trolls. They opened for me and my friends the door to worlds of imagination and communication. Roleplaying changed our lives!

„… I now realize that Dungeons & Dragons evolved from Miniatures play, and makes perfect sense when thought of as a kind of variant of tactical miniature gaming. Tunnels and Trolls did not evolve from that. It came from by desire to play through heroic fantasy adventures in a storytelling fashion. I still think T & T is more about storytelling and less about tactical wargaming. …“
Ken St. Andre

#rpggratitude also to Gregor H., Jürgen R., Martin R. (R.I.P.) and Thomas B. for being the original ‚Tunneltrolls‘.

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