Realm Works – Streamlined RPG Campaign Tools via Kickstarter

Realm Works: Powerful Image Functionality (Lone Wolf Development)

Realm Works: Powerful Image Functionality (Lone Wolf Development)

Realm Works – Streamlined RPG Campaign Tools, Lone Wolf Development (Hero Lab, Army Builder, etc.) setzt nun auf elektronische Spielleiterwerkzeuge für Rollenspieler und Crowdfunding. Der Kickstarter gestattet, dieses Projekt finanziell zu unterstützen.

Im July 2013 soll die Anwendung erscheinen und das Finanzierungsziel sind 100.000 $.

Die Software unterstützt systemübergreifend die Verwaltung, Verteilung und Darstellung von Materialien für Rollenspielkampagnen. Ein Cloud Service befindet sich ebenfalls in der Planung. Story-, Plotlines, Bilder, Charaktere und vieles mehr auf dem PC erstellen, strukturieren, durchsuchen, sichern und bereitstellen.

Ich nehme an, dass das Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows 7 (etc., evtl. XP) unterstützt wird. Die Feature List soll zeigen, wohin die Reise funktionell geht.

„Streamline RPG preparation, spend more time focusing on the game, and increase the engagement of your players with Realm Works!

What Makes Realm Works Unique


Unlike many software Kickstarters, initial Realm Works development is nearly complete. We’ve been evolving Realm Works for over three years and will be releasing it in July, 2013. Numerous features are already in place, as we demonstrate in the video, but there are many more we want to include in the initial release.  Your support of this Kickstarter will allow us to accelerate our current development efforts so we can pack more features into the product in time for its public release.

Our mission with Realm Works is to streamline and improve the tabletop role-playing experience for both GMs and players by empowering GMs to create, manage, and share any world they can imagine. We’re doing this in four ways:

  • First, provide tools for GMs to efficiently create and assemble materials for their games in a way that’s simple to manage, organize, and search.
  • Second, let GMs reveal content to players as it’s uncovered during play, without introducing extra work for the GM.
  • Third, enable GMs to share their creations and smoothly integrate the work of others into their own material, weaving it all together into their campaign.
  • Finally, provide a community repository where additional material can be obtained and easily integrated with any other content you have, including the GM’s own creations, letting GMs build their games from whatever sources they find compelling or interesting.

Key Realm Works Features

As we demonstrate in our video, Realm Works lets you manage your RPG content in one unified environment. This includes all the people, places, things, and events of your world. Beyond just text, it encompasses pictures and maps, custom calendars, dates tied to those calendars, statblocks, Hero Lab portfolios, audio and video files, and a wealth of other material. Realm Works weaves all this content together through a simple, intuitive interface.

Realm Works provides many powerful features and capabilities which are shown in the video, in images on this page, and on our web site.  Everything shown is from the current version of Realm Works, which is in the hands of our Beta team right now.  Here’s a summary of the most important features:

  • Quickly develop new content and revise existing ideas for any genre (e.g. fantasy, sci-fi, modern) and any play style.
  • Effortlessly manage diverse content, including images, maps, Hero Lab portfolios, statblocks, audio, video, and virtually anything else.
  • Intuitively organize content for on-demand access and review during play, placing everything at your fingertips for quick and easy retrieval. No more leafing through pages of notes to find the information you need!
  • Determine exactly what information is known by the players and what remains hidden at a glance.
  • With our patent-pending Fog of World™ technology, Realm Works makes it a breeze to incrementally reveal and display every aspect of your world to players, requiring only a single mouse click.  Revolutionize how you share your world with your players, easily showing them only what they learn during the game.
  • The incremental reveal of maps makes it trivial to illustrate to players what has or has not been explored or discovered.
  • Connections between your content are automatically detected and created, allowing instant access to all the interconnected elements of your world.
  • Flexible navigation tools let you instantly view any aspect of your world as easily as browsing the internet.
  • Track and visualize all the relationships that exist between selected content in your world.  Realm Works makes it easy to manage secret identities, view relationship diagrams like family trees, and even track attitudes between or among NPCs or characters.  Keeping track of hidden schemes, subterfuge, and actual motivations behind the scenes has never been easier.
  • Immediately see what the players learned during a particular span of time.  You can find exactly what was learned during the last game session, making recaps before the next session fast and accurate.  You can even view a summary of everything the players have learned during the entire campaign, even if it spans many real-life years, and instantly access the details associated with that content.
  • Full text search instantly locates what you need, and you can tag any content you wish and leverage the tag for filtering your content.  This is extremely powerful in conjunction with Realm Works’ cross-linking capabilities, allowing instant access to the content you seek.
  • Place pins on maps to indicate significant locations, events or encounters. Use these maps for navigation to immediately access the information associated with individual pins.
  • Fully customizable templates get you started building your world immediately and let you smoothly organize diverse information about all the people, places, things, and events in your world.
  • Enter your own original content just like a word processor or efficiently cut-and-paste from source material you already possess.
  • At a glance, see all the connections for whatever you’re viewing, both to and from other content. Instantly see everything that references an important NPC or item.
  • Weave the critical story elements of your world together and visually outline your plots, whether they are epic quests or minor story arcs.
  • Create custom calendars for your world. Link multiple calendars together and see how all the dates translate to your master calendar.  Calendars can reflect different in-game cultures, lunar calendars, and worlds.
  • Conveniently manage game notes and preparation tasks with full linking to game content.
  • Easily show material to players during and after play without having to create additional, separate materials for them.“

Realm Works – Streamlined RPG Campaign Tools product description

Das Werkzeug könnte unter Umständen auch als Strukturierungshilfe für Autoren dienen.

Realm Works – Streamlined RPG Campaign Tools via Kickstarter

Freigabe durch den Hersteller via Email (Lone Wolf Development) am 24.01.2013

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