Professional MP3 Background Loops for Role-Playing Games via Kickstarter

Professional MP3 Background Loops for Role-Playing Games. Wes Otis bietet über Kickstarter keine Musik im eigentlichen Sinne, sondern Geräuschkulissen an.

Am 01. Mai 2013 endet die mit mindestestens 1000 $ angesetzte Kampagne. Für 20 $ erhalten Unterstützer zunächst 11 10-minütige Hintergründe. 30 weitere Stretch Goals sind vorgesehen.

„Add professional background sound to your table top role-playing game.


You’ve set up your dungeon/space map/haunted house. Your players are assembled, ready to dive in and save the world, or at least get some coin. What’s missing? Immersive environmental sounds for the area your players are in. Plate Mail Games is going to change all that. This project’s aim is to make 11 MP3 backgrounds for your role-playing games. Now you can cover up the sound of your refrigerator with a cool dungeon, lab, or battlefield background loop. Below is a complete list of the core MP3s. The first five have been completed and I have put samples below for you to listen to.


Each MP3 is 10 minutes long with no distracting sounds to draw your attention away from the game. As much as I love metal music, you will find none of that either. All audio is professionally mixed and can be played at low volume without losing quality. Set the volume that is comfortable for you. The information for each MP3 is fully filled in for easy navigation. GMs can simply create a playlist in their favorite MP3 software on their tablet, laptop, or smart phone and when the players arrive at the area where the background is to be used, the GM hits play.The audio will add a layer of detail to your story that aids in everyone’s imagination.


I’m also offering five bonus MP3s, six Kickstarter exclusive MP3s, and 30 Stretch Goal MP3s depending on your pledge level. You could end up with hundreds of minutes of audio to enrich your campaigns. Again, these are listed below. The more people who pledge at the $20 or higher levels, the more Stretch Goal MP3s people will be awarded. Help me spread the word to reach all the goals.“
Professional MP3 Background Loops for Role-Playing Games product description

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