Precision Machined Metal Gaming Dice via Kickstarter

Precision Machined Metal Gaming Dice. Amber Rix nimmt sich des (Rollen-)Spielers liebsten Kindes an, den Würfeln. Die Designerin plant über Kickstarter präzise 6-seitige Metalwürfel in unterschiedlichen Größen und Metallen unter das Volk zu bringen.

Nach dem ersten Kickstarter Precision Machined Dice folgt somit der zweite Anlauf mit Würfeln aus Aluminium, Messing, rostfreien Stahl, Kupfer oder Titan.

Bis zum 22.04.2013 strebt die Dame 4000 $ an.

„My Playable gaming dice feature chamfered edges as well as corners. Several versions were made, tested, and calculated to provide the correct amount of chamfer to produce the best roll possible on any table top surface, even glass! They feel great in the hand, sound great on the table, and roll beautifully.


These will be made of only pure solid quality material, precision machined using advanced CNC technology. Not molded, not hollow, not plated, only 100% solid metal.


For this project I am going to be offering the dice in two different sizes and in five different materials: Aluminum, anodized in Blue, Red, Black, or Silver/Clear, and possibly one more color option! Also available, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The sizes are 16mm (standard monopoly size) and 1/2 inch (Farkle to-go).“
Precision Machined Metal Gaming Dice product description

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