Outbreak: A Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPG Source Book via Kickstarter

Outbreak: Killer Robot (Leigh Walls, Cosmic Compass Creations)

Outbreak: Killer Robot (Leigh Walls, Cosmic Compass Creations)

Outbreak: A Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPG Source Book. Cosmic Compass Creations bringen über Kickstarter ein neues Endzeitrollenspiel. Der Baukastenansatz erinnert an Vincent Bakers Apocalypse World. Auch hier kreiert die Gruppe das Ende der Welt selbst. Wirtschaftskollaps, Außerirdische, Roboterrevolution, nuklearer Winter und natürlich Zombies eignen sich hervorragend, um das Ende unserer Welt spielerisch zu zelebrieren.

Bis zum 31. Juli 2013 strebt das Projekt 15000 $ an. Keine Crowdfunding-Kampagne ohne Specials. Wer mitmacht, erhält eine limitierte Sonderausgabe mit zusätzlichem Material.

„Experience and create any modern apocalyptic scenario you want with this new and exciting Tabletop RPG


What is Outbreak?


OUTBREAK is a pen and paper Tabletop Role Playing Game System that is tailored to letting you play your choice of a variety of apocalyptic scenarios in the modern world. This game uses a custom, easy to use, 1d10 skill based system that we have been developing for the past two years. We decided to throw away the confusing experience point system during development. In Outbreak you level up once per game session so you can have a smoother game session and not have to keep tabs on thousands of experience points.


Outbreak uses a point based character creation system based on 5 attributes.  Those attributes are physique, coordination, aptitude, psyche, and vitality. Attributes are used to shape your character to be whatever type of survivor you want.  Attributes also enhance learned skills, such as mechanics, first-aid, observation, and many more.   All these skills will help your character to adapt and survive against the elements of various apocalyptic environments. You can shape your skills any way you wish with attribute points that you unlock when you level up.


Included in Outbreak are various custom GM Templates to shape the game how you see fit.  We use the same templates in the book to create all of our weapons, vehicles, and enemies. These templates help you play out any modern apocalypse of your choice. The most important template though is the one included for designing your very own custom apocalypse.“
Outbreak: A Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPG Source Book product description

Ich bin unentschieden, der Zombies zum Trotz … Hm?

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2 Kommentare

  1. Das wäre aber keine stringente Einhaltung deiner Anti-Zombie-Regel ;)

    Ich finde viel schlimmer, warum es im Jahr 2013 immer noch „neue“ Rollenspiele mit dem Character Level Konzept gibt. Eine kurze Checkliste warum mich hier nichts anspricht:

    Vermeintliche Immersion durch unnötige Detailregeln: Check
    „Some of the rules like keeping up with food or making sure you drink enough water to not become dehydrated are just some of the many options that add flavor to those hardcore role-players out there.“

    Wir brauchen mehr Waffen: Check
    „We have over 80 guns, melee weapons, and explosives to choose from so far.“

    Buchhaltung ≠ Spielspaß: Check
    „We have a huge list of materials to choose from when crafting items and weapons that are split up into units of materials based on size. You can use those units of materials and put them through a special crafting machine we made in Outbreak specifically for creating items that would be difficult to figure out how to make on your own. “ … „These units do have weight and HP to them so you can also get a rough estimate of how much the things you want to create weigh.“

    „This game is meant to be difficult. It’s meant to be scary.“ Ja klar, ich weiß auch warum.

    IMHO alles alte, rückständige Konzepte. Zuviel muffiger Crunch.

    So gerne ich Endzeit/Apokalypse Rollenspiele (und sogar Zombies) mag, spare ich mir hier den Pledge.

    • Hm, ich war bereits skpetisch, aber jetzt hast Du mich endgültig überzeugt.