Neil Gaiman & Martin Wallace: A Study in Emerald via Kickstarter

A Study in Emerald. Martin Wallace (Treefrog Games/Warfrog – God’s Playground, Brass, etc.) bietet das erste auf einer Geschichte von Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere, Sandman, American Gods, etc.) basierende Brettspiel über Kickstarter an.

Die Großen Alten kehren nicht nur auf die Erde zurück, sie beherrschen die Welt. Der aufkeimende menschliche Widerstand ist untereinander zerstritten. Wie soll die Zukunft aussehen? Sherlock Holmes und Professor Moriarty sind zwei Figuren in diesem Spiel.

Was für ein Mix?! Sherlock Holmes, Cthulhu Mythos, Zombies, Vampire und (Doppel-)Agenten – was denn noch alles bitteschön?

30000 £ sind zwar eine Ansage, aber bei diesem Gespann, kann man davon ausgehen, dass die Summe bis zum 24. Mai 2013 erreicht und auch überschritten wird.

Martin Wallace gehört für mich zu den gewieftesten Spieledesignern derzeit. Viele seiner Spiele wirken auf den ersten Blick recht einfach, aber dann … Easy to learn, hard to master!

„An exciting new board game based on Neil Gaiman’s award winning short story




The very first board game based on the work of Neil Gaiman!


‘A Study in Emerald’ the board game takes as its inspiration the world conjured up by Neil Gaiman in the award winning short story. This is an alternative reality where fiction has become fact. The Old Ones have not only returned but have been ruling the earth for centuries. Opposition is rising, though, as humanity fights between itself to decide its future. Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty are but two figures caught in this struggle.

Martin Wallace has concocted possibly his most subtle, complex, and downright evil design yet. If you know what you’re doing after the third game then you have not understood the rules!


The game takes an original slant on the deck-building mechanic. Instead of buying the cards you want you have to bid for them with influence. The range of cards is massive, with only a few duplicates. You can employ secret agents to carry out your plans, or quietly subvert a city to your control, call up monsters from other dimensions to destroy your enemies, or raise an army of zombies. No two games will ever be the same.


This game will initially only be available via Kickstarter or direct from Treefrog Games, it will not be going into general distribution. We may or may not publish a second edition of the game for general distribution, but if we do the earliest you are likely to see it is 2015.

Game Overview


To find out more about how the game plays download the game overview below: (pdf file 3.9MB)


To find out more you can go to the Treefrog website:
A Study in Emerald product description

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