Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection via Kickstarter

Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection von Prodos Games Ltd ist da – zumindest auf Kickstarter!

„Warzone Resurrection is a tabletop 28mm scale skirmish game, set in the Mutant Chronicles dark SciFi Future.

Welcome to Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection!


The richly visualised Mutant Chronicles dark future has been exciting gamers and science fiction fans all over the world for 20 years. It is a place where….


….The Solar System is besieged by abominations from the dark beyond, infernal hybrids of undead alien flesh brought into existence by the Dark Symmetry. Mankind is divided into five rival MegaCorporations concerned only with profit and territory as they tear the inner worlds apart in bitter, internecine war. United in faith under the Brotherhood, Mankind may yet prevail – divided, they shall surely fall as the Dark Legion sweeps all before it.


Warzone Resurrection is a 28mm scale tabletop skirmish wargame for two or more players, each fielding units of warriors drawn from one of the mighty MegaCorporations of Mankind, the Brotherhood or its vile enemy, the Dark Legion. Warzone Resurrection is a fast paced, exciting and tactical miniature game created by Prodos Games Ltd. and Paraodox Entertainment.“
Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection product announcement

Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection -- Kicktraq Mini

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