Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry RPG is coming

Mutant Chronicles: Falling down shooting  (Modiphius Entertainment)

Mutant Chronicles: Falling down shooting (Modiphius Entertainment)

Modiphius Entertainment. Der aktuelle Kickstarter des britischen Verlags für Achtung! Cthulhu läuft momentan erfolgreich.

Überdies gewährt Chris Birch seit heute einen ersten Ausblick auf die bevorstehende dunkle Zukunft. Der metallische Teaser auf Youtube wird weitere Aufmerksamkeit auf diese Rollenspielankündigung lenken.

Im Herbst/Winter 2013-14 soll zunächst Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry erscheinen. Dieser erste Streich lässt die Rollenspieler das Erstarken der Dunklen Symmetrie und der Dunkeln Legion miterleben.
Mutant Chronicles: Dark Legion wird voraussichtlich im Frühjahr 2014 in den 2. Krieg der Corporations entführen.

Sowohl das Tabletop Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Resurrection als auch die Rollenspiele beziehen sich auf den gleichen Hintergrund und führen die Geschichte gemeinsam fort.

„The Dark Symmetry is unleashed this Fall/Winter 2013-14 as Modiphius Entertainment brings the world of Mutant Chronicles crashing back with a vengeance.

A video by the British based publisher Modiphius Entertainment launching 12.00 Noon GMT on Wednesday 20th March at reveals the new Mutant Chronicles logo that draws on inspiration from the iconic techno-fantasy setting and dieselpunk style that the brand is so well known for. The soundtrack to the video is Ephemera, the new release by death metal band System Divide who loved the match between their song lyrics and the world of Mutant Chronicles.


„Why are we forced to be under darkened skies, such insignificant lives, consumed by mistrust, we are the displeased, relish in the chaos you created…we are children of man, consuming all, destroying all, we went to far, we were given this world and tore it apart“.

Modiphius has announced plans for the Mutant Chronicles roleplaying line, which sees one of the biggest RPG’s brought bang up to date. “We’ve been filling in some of the gaps in the storyline, answering mysteries and expanding on hints to bring the Mutant Chronicles world to life like never before.” Explains Publisher Chris Birch who sees the original material and stunning artwork as crucial to the success of the new vision alongside new artists who will be creating never-seen-before views of the world.


The Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition RPG is a full rewrite of the best elements of the popular 2nd Edition rules that the fans know and love, and utilizes d20’s combined with a fresh approach to the core systems. Modiphius wants to let players experience the incredible breadth of adventure possible within the universe from investigations of the Dark Symmetry, cults, and corporate conspiracy to the Corporate Wars and desperate battles with the Dark Legion. For the first time taking the game into space, players will have the freedom to roam the solar system aboard a range of spaceships, create their own companies, engage in corporate conspiracy as well as the typical smash and grab missions.


“The aim is to make this play fast, fun and just like you imagine the world of Mutant Chronicles to be. We want you to be able dog fight in the skies of Venus, hold off a horde of Necromutants, survive a fleet battle and lead a terrifying investigation without bogging you down in endless rules.”


The first release – Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry, due Autumn 2013 will let gamers play through the first outbreak of the Dark Legion. Live out some of the defining moments of the Mutant Chronicles timeline; want to experience the crash of civilisation as the Dark Symmetry is unleashed? Investigate the growing madness or see the Dark Citadels rise for the first time? Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry will be the first release in time for Christmas 2013 with a preview on show at US gaming event Gen Con Indy in August 2013.


Mutant Chronicles: Dark Legion due Spring 2014 throw’s players headlong in to the 2nd Corporate War as the Dark Legion returns for a second cataclysmic match with humanity. Mutant Chronicles: Dark Legion is set during the same timeline as the Warzone skirmish game in the Mutant Chronicles universe being developed by UK based Prodos Games Ltd

Further supplements and campaigns are planned for both timelines to expand on the universe and will allow fans to pursue action orientated or investigative adventures and will be written by a host of well-known names from the tabletop RPG scene.


Whilst the first release is set for Winter 2013-14, a Kickstarter planned for the Autumn this year will allow fans to unlock some fantastic options for the RPG, limited editions as well as conversions to other popular RPG systems so that more people can enjoy the world of Mutant Chronicles than ever before. “
Mutant Chronicles RPG announcements

Images: Modiphius Entertainment

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