Monsters & Magic – An Old School Renaissance fantasy RPG by Sarah Newton

Monsters & Magic (Mindjammer Press/Chronicle City)

Monsters & Magic (Mindjammer Press/Chronicle City)

Monsters & Magic is a new fantasy roleplaying game written by Sarah Newton (Mindjammer, Legends of Anglerre, Achtung! Cthulhu). The partnership of Mindjammer Press and Chronicle City will produce a print version.

„Monsters & Magic is a modern fantasy roleplaying game which mixes cutting edge rules mechanics and narrative techniques with traditional fantasy roleplaying concepts. Specifically designed to be used with classic fantasy supplements and adventures with little or no conversion, it allows players and GMs to pick up their favourite fantasy campaigns and characters and bring them to brilliant new life. It’s a game firmly in the “Old School Renaissance” spirit, and works seamlessly with classic fantasy products, new and old.“
Monsters & Magic product announcement

I expect a mixture of the Fate, Dungeon World and the classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG, though I am not sure. The „little or no conversion“ aspect is interesting to me. I prefer K.I.S.S. („keep it short and simple) games. As soon as possible more …

Image: Mindjammer Press/Chronicle City

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