MiniWarGaming’s New Studio via Indiegogo

MiniWarGaming. Miniaturen- und Puppenschubserszene kennen vermutlich ihren sympathischen Youtube-Kanal.

Über 78000 Abonnenten und mehr als 32000000 Videoaufrufe sind keine Kleinigkeit, insbesondere in der eher überschaubaren Hobbyszene.

Sie wenden sich nun an die Crowdfunding-Community, um ein neues Studio zu finanzieren.
Unterstützer erhalten im Gegenzug Video-DVDs oder Modelle von Dark Potential.

Die Indiegogo-Kampagne läuft bis zum 29. Mai 2013 mit einem Minimalziel von 3000 $ .

„It’s Time For a New Studio!


We here at MiniWarGaming have been making videos to entertain and educate the miniature wargaming market for over 5 years.

We are dedicated to making the bestest and funnest content that we can possibly make.

This fundraiser is all about helping us build our new studio, including renovations and new audio and video equipment.

We could do this without a fundraiser, but it would probably take a couple of years of running our business before we’d be able to fully realize our dreams. With your help, we can cut that time down to just a few months.


We Need a New Studio, and You Get Awesome Stuff…


This is going to be quite simple:
•We need money to renovate and buy some new equipment.
•If you contribute, you get access to our tutorial DVDs
•If you want to contribute even more, you can even be immortalized by „sponsoring“ one of our tables, or even the room itself!

What We’ll Spend the Money On

If we make our initial goal of $3000, then we will do the following:
•Buy a new higher end camera (that’ll cost about $1500)
•Paint the entire studio (that’ll probably cost about $1500 when all is said and done)
•Decorate the entire studio


By helping us do this you’ll get higher quality videos from MiniWarGaming, helping you to enjoy your hobby even more!


Stretch Goals


Well, hitting $3,000 sure didn’t take long! Here are our new stretch goals:

$10,000 – Professional Lighting in the Studio – DONE!

$13,000 – Another professional camera

$17,000 – A new computer and TV to turn the studio into a LIVE studio! This will make some of our live shows even awesomer.


What You’ll Get


You can get DVDs, you can get Dark Potential models, you can get your name plastered in our videos, and more.“
MiniWarGaming campaign description (3. May 2013)

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