Mecha-Fans: Mekton Zero via Kickstarter

Ancient Bendari Empire Mekton (Mark Simmons, R.Talsorian Games Inc.)

Ancient Bendari Empire Mekton (Mark Simmons, R.Talsorian Games Inc.)

Mekton Zero. Meine Güte, wie cool ist das denn?! Endlich kehrt über Kickstarter eine, nein, die erste amerikanische Hommage an das Mecha-Genre zurück.
Mr. Cyberpunk RPG: Mike Pondsmith, R. Talsorian Games Inc., macht eine überarbeitete Neuauflage seines „Kampfroboter-Tabletop-Rollenspiels“.

Keine stümperhaften überhitzenden Mechs – sondern eine „richtige“ Verneigung vor den Anime-Vorlagen Macross oder Gundam etc..

In your face: Erst Robotech RPG Tactics und nun auch noch Mekton – ganz wunderbar!

Ich schere mich einen feuchten Kehricht um die dusseligen und lahmen Battlemopse aus dem Hause Fasa oder Catalyst Games. Die overhypte Kopie der Kopie kann meinethalben in der Altmetallsammlung verschwinden.  Ja, so radikal sehe ich das. Punkt.

Mekton Zero soll mit Mekton Zeta, der vorherigen Auflage, kompatibel sein. Einige Mekton-Püppies sind ebenfalls angekündigt. Bis zum 22. Juni 2013 benötigt das Projekt zumindest 20000 $.

Blechdosen, macht mal Platz da! Ihr wandelnden Mottenkisten der Clans und von Solaris VII, oder wie ihr euch auch immer schimpft, seit immer mehr überflüssig. Hier sind Mecha (Mektons) gefragt, keine Mechs!

Mekton Algol Map (R.Talsorian Games Inc.)

Mekton Algol Map (R.Talsorian Games Inc.)

„Mekton Zero is a complete anime mecha RPG designed to be compatible with Mekton Zeta and to immerse you in the Archipelago War!


Hi. I’m Mike Pondsmith, head of R. Talsorian Games. You may remember us from our games like Castle Falkenstein, Teenagers from Outer Space, and, of course, Cyberpunk. And in case you haven’t heard, with the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game, we’re now back on the block in a big way.


But this time, I want to talk about Mekton.


Mekton was the first game I wrote professionally. I’ve always had a soft spot for Mekton, even more, believe it or not, than I do for the other game I’m more well known for, Cyberpunk.

Mekton was the first giant mecha game ever to come to the United States.

  • Back then, I had to teach a lot of people about a unknown Japanese concept and get everyone up to speed.
  • Now that anime is all over America, I can take the training wheels off Mekton.

What’s Mekton Zero?

  • Mekton Zero is the RPG my friends and I used to play even before I published the original Mekton One. That’s why I call it Mekton Zero, because it came before the published edition.
  • Set in original Mekton game world of Algol
  • A group of refugees from the ancient Bendari Empire established a colony on the edge of known space.
  • Now centuries later, rival factions fight with giant robots called Mekton for control of the planet.

A world based entirely around mecha.

  • Hundreds of military and civilian models
  • Sophisticated mecha “supercars” and experimental types.
  • Super cool police, rescue and firefighter mecha,
  • Cowboy mecha ride the range herding dinosaurs
  • Hunter meks fight Godzilla-sized monsters
  • Fisherman meks hunt battleship-sized sea serpents
  • Explorer meks seek lost civilizations and uncover alien threats
  • Titanic factory mecha build cities and tear up mountains for raw materials, guarded by mecha armies.

Zero is designed to have everything you can cram into an anime-based role-playing game.

  • Gone beyond Lifepath system pioneered in the original Mekton and Cyberpunk.
  • Character roles are designed make you a classic hero or heroine right out of a robot anime show.
  • Character generation is fast, big on style and feel instead of numbers, and surrounds you with a supporting cast of interesting characters.

We apply the same process to your Mekton.

  • Pick one from dozens of base models (with more to come).
  • Customize yours the way you want just like a real-life mecha designer.
  • Your mek has a history, background and unique quirks
  • Learn KATAS– combat moves to turn your suit into a weapon right out of a mecha-fighting game.

What about previous editions?

  • Zero is based on same systems as Mekton Zeta and Zeta +
  • Build your own Mekton using Zeta and Zeta+ and use it in the Zero setting.
  • Play as a role-playing game
  • Play as a squad based tabletop wargame
  • Play in customized arena combat.

What’s next?

  • New gaming miniatures for Mekton Zero.
    • New mecha figures
    • New hero character figures
    • Giant alien beast and monster figures
  • Follow-on books with new mecha for factions in the Zero setting
  • New and interesting hero/villain characters
  • Novels and manga planned to support the RPG.
  • Future online world and video games being developed
This is the Mekton I wanted to publish years ago. I’ve been looking forward to showing you what up to now, only a few people have had a chance to be part of. Adventure, combat, romance, politics, treachery, heroics, all wrapped up in tasty giant robotty goodness.

Comon; join me on the world of Algol—the world of MEKTON ZERO.“
Mekton Zero product description

(via Janusz)

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