Marvel Heroic Roleplaying annihilated! Firefly is coming

Margaret Weis Productions. Das Marvel RPG verabschiedet sich. Auf driveThruRPG verschwindet das Superhelden-Rollenspiel nach dem 30. April.

„And in Marvel news… the economics of licensing a tie-in product is always something we have to weigh carefully. We brokered an admittedly ambitious license with Marvel. Our first event, CIVIL WAR, was successful and well received, but it didn’t garner the level of sales necessary to sustain the rest of the line. We’ve learned from this and are taking a very different approach with the other licensed properties we’re bringing out to you in the next three years. We believe we created a great game. Those of you that have supported us have been terrific, and we appreciate you. But, unfortunately, we will not be bringing any new product out under the Marvel line. We know this affects our customers. Those that have pre-ordered Annihilation will receive a full refund or a credit worth 150% of their Annihilation order to use on existing or future product.“
Margaret Weis Productions Pipeline News

Dafür kommt das Firefly RPG.

„And then there’s the whole Shiny license. Wow! Firefly. We’ve wanted to work on this one for a long, long time. I have to say, this has garnered the greatest response by far of anything we’ve done in the last seven years. Echoes of War is in development for release this year as a series of adventures which will appeal to both gamers and fans of the show. Margaret is writing the first adventure, Wedding Planners, which will be released in both Cortex Classic and Cortex Plus editions. Her adventure will serve as a love letter to Serenity fans while helping players understand where Cortex has gone over the last several years.  Andrew Peregrine is slated for the second adventure, which he’s titled Shooting Fish. Both are in production and will be released in PDF format within the next 90 days. The Echoes collection will ultimately be released in print in 2014.“
Margaret Weis Productions Pipeline News

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