Margaret Weis Productions: Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide via Kickstarter

Margaret Weis Productions: Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide, die letzten 48h der Crowdfunding-Aktion von Margaret Weis Productions sind angebrochen. Das Cortex Plus System konnte letzthin besonders durch das Marvel Heroic Roleplaying auf sich aufmerksam machen.

Das Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide erweitert den Horizont des Spiels mit neuen Regelvarianten und Hintergründen.

„An anthology of ways to use Cortex Plus from MWP’s award-winning Leverage & Smallville RPGs: hacks, settings, and options!
For years, fans have enjoyed games powered by Margaret Weis Productions’ award-winning Cortex Plus system. From the embroiled teenaged drama powered by Smallville to the high-tech heist hijinks of Leverage, and the comic book action of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, the community has embraced these games and made them their own. Many have taken the rules from each licensed game and adapted them to a wide variety of settings, genres, and play styles.“
Margaret Weis Productions: Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide product description

Margaret Weis Productions: Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide-Kickstarter

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