Little Fears Nightmare Edition – Blessed are the Children via Kickstarter

Little Fears Nightmare Edition: Blessed are the Children (Jason Blair)

Little Fears Nightmare Edition: Blessed are the Children (Jason Blair)

Little Fears Nightmare Edition – Blessed are the Children. Jason L Blairs (Streets of Bedlam) kickstartet den dritten Band für sein bekanntes Kinderhorror-Rollenspiel.

Bis zum 21. September 2013 strebt er das Ziel von $1,500 an. Bereits im November 2013 soll die Rollenspielerweiterung erscheinen.

„Blessed are the Children is the third book in the acclaimed tabletop horror game line Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

Book 3: Blessed are the Children is about another group of kids. The Blessed are those with spiritual anomalies. Some have no souls, some have multiple ones. Some have monsters trapped inside them. Some can harness the power of the soul to do things beyond belief–like turn a monster good.

I am currently working on the book and it should be finished in September 2013. But I need art. I work with some great artists, and have brought on some new ones, but I ask no one to work for free. The $1500 I’m asking for goes to pay the artists. More money equals more art and some other nifty items that I’ll reveal should we get that far.

But my focus is on the $1500. Getting that gets the book illustrated, printed, and into your hands.


The Book


Here is the Table of Contents for Book 3: Blessed are the Children.
Introduction: A Spirited Approach

The book starts off talking about what the Blessed are, the big concepts of the book, and a breakdown of each chapter.
Chapter 1: The Gifted

This type of Blessed has not one soul but two. While this gives them incredible power it also has a price. When the child reaches 13, only one soul can inhabit their body. Which one wins?
Chapter 2: The Faithful

Some children attach their Belief to another power, an outside source, and are given extra abilities because of this connection–including the power to turn Monsters good.
Chapter 3: The Innocent

The Innocent have pure souls, ones capable of fighting off the deterioration of Belief. But that makes them a greater target for Monsters and the Spirit Eaters.
Chapter 4: The Cursed

The Cursed are the souls of children who have passed away. Like a ghost though, something holds them to this earth. Some find ways to live again–by possessing other children–while others want simply to find a way to move on.
Chapter 5: The Soulless

When most children lose their souls, they turn Dark. But the Soulless lost their souls, or were born without them, and didn’t turn Dark. Instead, their Belief took over and keeps them going–but Belief doesn’t last forever.
Chapter 6: The Changeling

Some Blessed are only children on the outside. The Changelings have the souls of Monsters and have to fight from turning into them.
Chapter 7: One of the Blessed

How Blessed characters are made, alternate rules for Belief, the rules for Blessings, and Questionnaire designed especially for the Blessed.
Chapter 8: Ghost World

In this chapter, we talk about how the Blessed see the world, where they can go for help, those who have their backs, and the multiple truths behind Imaginary Friends.
Chapter 9: Spirit Monsters

This chapter details those who prey upon the Blessed, including Mr. Clutches, Helter & Skelter, Yellow Man, and the dreaded Spirit Eaters.
Chapter 10: My Soul to Keep

This brand-new standalone episode takes the players on a journey to track down a monster that is stealing the souls of children and using them to create other things.“
Little Fears Nightmare Edition – Blessed are the Children product description

Little Fears (Nightmare Edition) gefällt mir persönlich besser als Monsters and Other Childish Things (One Roll Engine, Arc Dream Publishing). Die Finanzierung für den kommenden Quellenband Blessed are the Children scheint schon mal gesichert.
Interessenten können über diesen Kickstarter verschiedende Sammelpakete erwerben.

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