Laughing Moon: The Ragged Man Adventure via Kickstarter

Laughing Moon: The Ragged Man Adventure, Todd van Hooser bietet gegenwärtig ein Abenteuer über Kickstarter an. Das Szenario für sein eher unbekanntes Laughing Moon-Rollenspiel ordnet er dem Genre Fantasy-Horror zu.

The Ragged Man (Scott Alan Gregory, Laughing Moon)

The Ragged Man (Scott Alan Gregory, Laughing Moon)

Das voraussichtlich 50-seitige Werk wird vollfarbig von Scott Alan Gregory illustriert. Die gezeigten Vorschaubilder sehen schon mal sehr vielversprechend aus.

The Ragged Man (Scott Alan Gregory, Laughing Moon)

The Ragged Man (Scott Alan Gregory, Laughing Moon)

„This project is a story-based RPG “adventure” infusing elements of fantasy and horror. Interior features full-color art.

The Ragged Man adventure opens with the player characters trapped in a gypsy camp, surrounded by a mysterious bank of fog. During the night they hear the legend of the ragged man, as told by one of the gypsies and discover the tragic origins of this tale. For centuries the Ragged Man, a vengeful spirit that appears in scarecrow form, has haunted these lands in a mindless search for his lost children. The adventure takes players on a chase to save the gypsy camp by battling hideous creatures that are part man, part raven, a coven of vampires known as the Sullen Ones, a treacherous enemy masquerading as a friend, minions of the powerful and mysterious Raven Duchess, and the Ragged Man himself. The interior of the book will feature artwork by Scott Alan Gregory. His unique style will bring to life characters and creatures in a way never before seen. Designs include new monsters, gypsy fortune tellers, the Raven Duchess, specific scenes from the story, and of course the Ragged Man himself.


The final 8 1/2 x 11 bound product will be around 50 pages, full color.The interior will also feature numerous full-sized pages of Scott Alan Gregory’s art to really show off the spectacular designs he has created. Along with the adventure story, stats and write-ups for new characters and monsters will be included for Laughing Moon players to add to their collection.“
Laughing Moon: The Ragged Man Adventure product description

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