Hell Dorado Miniature Skirmish Game: Inferno Expansion Book via Kickstarter

Hell Dorado Miniature Skirmish Game: Inferno Expansion Book beinhaltet Erweiterungen für alle sechs Fraktionen des Scharmützel-Tabletops von Cipher Sudios (Anima Tactics).
Kai Nesbit bietet nun diese Erweiterung mit neuen Charakteren, Szenarios, Spielhintergründen und Miniaturen über die Crowdfunding-Plattform Kickstarter an.

Hell Dorado: Demons (Cipher Studio)

Hell Dorado: Demons (Cipher Studio)

Hell Dorado: Inferno (Cipher Studio)

Hell Dorado: Inferno (Cipher Studio)

„Inferno is the new Hell Dorado miniature skirmish game expansion book loaded with new characters, scenarios, and story.


Hell Dorado is a tactical skirmish miniature game where players choose a company of models to battle enemy factions on the most brutal battleground imaginable, the realms of Hell! Choose your faction from either the Western powers, the devout Saracens, Immortals from the far East, the Demons under Lucifer, the Lost demons who deny Lucifer’s tyranny, or the ruthless Mercenaries willing to work for anyone with the gold to buy their swords and souls.


The INFERNO expansion book and card deck is the first major expansion in the Hell Dorado universe. The greatest war of Hell has escalated to new heights of destruction as the demon Legions under command of the Fallen Angel Abezeth rise to eradicate the upstart invaders from Lucifer’s realm.


The INFERNO expansion book includes 48 new profiles across all six Hell Dorado Factions. This full color book will also feature: New Scenarios, new battlefields, and new terrain types to make your games more exciting than ever before. Hell Dorado: Inferno will give players more army strategies, more game variety, and more of the miniatures that make it one of the best looking miniature games around. The expansion also includes a card deck for all the units that are included in the book for use in the game with your models and as quick reference of your opponent’s forces.“
Hell Dorado Miniature Skirmish Game: Inferno Expansion Book product description

Ich finde das Grundspiel recht gelungen, wenngleich die amerikanische Ausgabe gegenüber dem französischen Original zensiert wurde, d. h. es fehlt das eine oder andere Bild.

Hell Dorado Miniature Skirmish Game: Inferno Expansion Book -- Kicktraq Mini

Images: Cipher Studio, Kicktraq

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