Gygax Magazine issue #1 in elektronischer Form bei drivethruRPG

Gygax Magazine, TSR’s neues Rollenspielmagazin, welches in Deutschland praktisch nicht zu bekommen ist, befindet sich seit Kurzem in elektronischer Form (PDF) bei drivethrRPG im Angebot.

Mal sehen, ob es hierzulande bald eine Dead Tree Edition zu erwerben gibt. Irgendwie kommt man sich vor wie in einem Entwicklungsland.

„The premiere issue of Gygax magazine – the quarterly adventure gaming magazine.


Contents for issue #1:


The cosmology of role-playing games by James Carpio
Still playing after all these years by Tim Kask
Leomund’s Secure Shelter by Len Lakofka
The ecology of the banshee by Ronald Corn
Bridging Generations by Luke Gygax
Gaming with a virtual tabletop by Nevin P. Jones
Keeping magic magical by Dennis Sustare
Playing it the science fiction way by James M. Ward
DMing for your toddler by Cory Doctorow
Great power for ICONS by Steve Kenson
The future of tabletop gaming by Ethan Gilsdorf
The Gygax family storyteller by Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.
Talents off the frontline by Dennis Detwiller
D&D past, now, and Next by Michael Tresca
Gnatdamp: A sanctuary in the swamp by Michael Curtis
Magical miscellany – new items for AGE by Randall Hurlburt
An AGE of great inventions by Rodrigo Garcia Carmona
Scaling combat feats for Pathfinder by Marc Radle




Marvin the Mage by Jim Wampler
What’s New with Phil & Dixie by Phil Foglio
Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew“

Gygax Magazine product description

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