Grim World: Gaming Supplement for Dungeon World & FATE Core via Kickstarter

Grim World Drakarn Battlemaster (Deanna Nygre, Boldly Games)

Grim World Drakarn Battlemaster (Deanna Nygre, Boldly Games)

Grim World: Gaming Supplement for Dungeon World & FATE Core. Boldly Games wenden sich mit ihrer über Kickstarter angebotenen Rollenspielerweiterung an Fans von Dungeon World und Fate Core.

Besonders nett – alle Unterstützer erhalten umgehend Zugang zu 6 Playbooks für Dungeon World und Fate Core.

“ … Enter a dark, deadly world where civilization barely survives, full of gruesome beasts, dark plots, and a sprinkle of cosmic horror. With white knight naïveté quickly leading to a horrendous death, the closest thing to a guardian is the Hunt, with their one and only law: Do less harm than good, or you will be hunted. Hunters gain access to hidden caches and lodges, where they can find new contracts, cash in hunting trophies, and occasionally feel safe for a few hours.
As a player, you’ll learn quickly that, in Grim World, everything has the +Messy tag. And a nasty appetite. Lucky for you, all classes come with powerful Death Moves, so if and when you die, it will be meaningful and always memorable. As a Game Master, it will be your job to bring this sinister, perilous world to life. You’ll want to keep 3 additional GM Principles in mind:
✴ Every village has its secrets, ✴ Every beast has its weakness,
and ✴When a player dies, the world trembles.

  • The Battlemaster, tactical maven, gambit expert, “I have a plan.”
  • The Channeler, conduit to raw magic, elemental summoner, „I am the gateway.“
  • The Necromancer, corpse crafter, hexbody, “RISE!”
  • The Shaman, totem carver, spirit binder, “Can you not hear the Murmur?”
  • The Slayer, walking arsenal, addict, “I’ll sleep when you’re dead.”
  • The Templar, red hot wrath, holy inquisitor, “Take penance, or know vengeance.”“

Grim World: Gaming Supplement for Dungeon World & FATE Core playbooks

Schöne Idee von Trenton Kennedy und Deanna Nygren das einsteiger- und spielerfreundliche Playbook-Konzept auch in die Fate-Welt zu bringen.

Grim World: Shaman (Deanna Nygre, Boldly Games)

Grim World: Shaman (Deanna Nygre, Boldly Games)

Bis zum 19. September 2013 benötigen die beiden $5,000, die längst kein Problem mehr sind.
Im Dezember 2013 soll noch geliefert werden.

Zwei bemerkenswerte Systeme, sympathisches Konzept und schicke Aufmachung. Dieser Grim World-Kickstarter hat Potential.

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