Games Crowdfunding: The Cards of Cthulhu, Firefly, Runequest 6th Edition & more

The Cards of Cthulhu: Deep Ones (Dan Verssen Games)

The Cards of Cthulhu: Deep Ones (Dan Verssen Games)

For all the people out there with a Kickstarter/Indiegogo Fatigue resistance.

The Cards of Cthulhu by Dan Verssen
„A card game for 1-4 players that pits you against the forces of The Great Cthulhu and other Elder Gods.“

Preliminary Assessment: Recommended. Nice idea and an alternative to the Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Goal: $7,000 – Funding Ends: Sep 4, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Feb 2014

Firefly: Out To The Black by Game Salute
„Cooperative card game that pits you and yours against the ‚Verse. Do the job, earn your credits, keep your honor, avoid the Alliance!“
Ships only in the US.

Preliminary Assessment: Not recommeded. Hey, Firefly is totally overrated. The Browncoats are boring.

Goal: $1,000 (currently: > 32 K$!) – Funding Ends: Aug 14, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Oct 2013

Spheres of Power: A New Pathfinder Magic System by Adam Meyers
„Want a break from Vancian magic? Pure Magic gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.“

Preliminary Assessment: Undecided. Pathfinder is in my opinion a broken epigone without any „magic“. Just an uninspired copy of Dungeons & Dragons 3.X. Does a new magic system help? I don’t think so.

Goal: $1,500 – Funding Ends: Sep 1, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Dec 2013

RuneQuest 6 Special Edition Hardback by Lawrence Whitaker
„This project will help us produce a special, deluxe, hardback edition of the RuneQuest 6 rules.“

Preliminary Assessment: Highly recommended. The standard edition is already available and a fine game for dedicated roleplayers with an affinity for complex systems. Compared with the Pathfinder RPG this is a thoughtful rocket, while the D & D clone is an old shappy boat with some fancy colors.

Goal: $10,000 – Funding Ends: Aug 6, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Sep 2013

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