Games Crowdfunding: RPG Attack!, Tablets & Titans & more

Another day – more crowdfunding campaigns for gamers on Kickstarter. Two apps for roleplayers and one alternate history board game about the Axis in Amerika (yes, with a k).

It is interesting to see how the roleplaying community reacts to the upcoming apps and applications. The integration of tabletop gaming and electronic tools has only begun.

Tablets & Titans (iPad and Android)

by Steve Radabaugh
„A full Table Top RPG experience within an app. iPads and Android tablets communicate to take care of the details so you can just play.“

Preliminary Assessment: Recommended. An interesting concept to move a RPGs from books and dice to tablets and maybe smartphones.

Goal: $5,000 – Funding Ends: Sep 5, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Sep 2014

RPG Attack!

by Orc Labs
„Automagically calculate attack & damage rolls on your phone–focus on the D&D 3.5/Pathfinder adventure, not the arithmetic.“

Preliminary Assessment: Undecided. You play the wrong game if „you need“ an application for a smooth gaming experience – at least in my opinion. This is something completely different to Tablets & Titans (iPad and Android). This is a pioneer approach to the hobby. D&D 3.5/Pathfinder are well established games.

Goal: $10,000 – Funding Ends: Sep 8, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Dec 2013


by Historical Board Gaming
„An alternate history game of the Axis invasion of the U.S. Features 200 beautiful minis compatible with many games. For 2-3 players.“

Preliminary Assessment: Undecided. Sounds like an uchronic or alternate history version of Axis & Allies to me.

Goal: $33,000 – Funding Ends: Sep 14, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Feb 2014

Two days in a row we had some Cthulhu stuff but not so today. The Mythos is nearly everywhere but no big media company like Luca$art$ or Di$ney pushes the brand. I think this is fascinating and to be honest, I expect far more projects based on the ideas of H. P. Lovecraft.

tremulus – a roleplaying game by Sean Preston (Reality Blurs) is currently my favourite lovecraftian interpretation for players. Very smart adaption of Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World.

As I said before I am not completely satisfied with these crowdfunding articles. I will change and play around until I find, what I am looking for.

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