Games Crowdfunding: 3D Virtual Tabletop, Cthulhu: The Great Old One & more

Another day – more crowdfunding projects for gamers. I think especially the 3D Virtual Tabletop: Visually Stunning RPGs on iPad, Android looks promising. Tablets like Ipads (Apple) or some Androids like Nexus 7 (Google) are popular and the goal is within reach. The concept of creating virtual miniatures based on images from the internet is extremely cool. I really like this idea. I suggest the Cthulhu card game promo video.

3D Virtual Tabletop: Visually Stunning RPGs on iPad, Android by Brendon Duncan
„A gorgeous 3D virtual tabletop that looks like the real thing and feels magical as you slide the map & minis around with your finger“

Preliminary Assessment: Highly Recommended. Cross-Plattform sharing is an interesting feature in my opionion. So, it looks like an expandable, transportable and pretty good alternative to your miniature collection.

Goal: $5,000 – Funding Ends: Sep 4, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Nov 2013

CTHULHU: The Great Old One – Quick-play Card Game by Dann Kriss
A grown-up Lovecraft-themed Black Peter variant.

Preliminary Assessment: Recommended. There are never enough Cthulhu games out there, or?
This Kickstarter has a very well done promo video and I like the artistic style. Enjoy the sacrifice of …

Goal: $5,000 – Funding Ends: Aug 31, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Dec 2014

Nevermoor by BareHanded Games
„Take control a party of characters and play against your friends to liberate the plague infested city of Nevermoor.“

Preliminary Assessment: Undecided. I am not convinced. How many more skirmish tabletops do we really need?

Goal: $10,000 – Funding Ends: Sep 31, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Apr 2014

N.R.G. System Core Rulebook (OGL) by Game Smiths LLC
„Core Rulebook for the N.R.G. System, loosely based on the OGL (D20).

The N.R.G. System is slightly crunchier than standard OGL, but the payoff allows for a fluidity and unpredictability in combat that ENHANCES and MAINTAINS a consistent sense of VULNERABILITY and PLAYER ENGAGEMENT.“

Preliminary Assessment: Not Recommended. Pardon, even more chrunchier than standard OGL. Who needs this?

Goal: $1,000 – Funding Ends: Aug 17, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Apr 2014

Rosemont Bay – A Gothic Horror Soap Opera Roleplaying Game by Topher Gerkey
„Like classic gothic horror? Like sexy primetime soap operas? Rosemont Bay is a tabletop RPG of supernatural relationship drama!“

Preliminary Assessment: Undecided. Game system unclear so far and a setting I can not get my head around. What is so special about it? Someone else might be interested in this.

Goal: $6,000 – Funding Ends: Aug 26, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Aug 2014

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