Games Crowdfunding: 13th Age Races, Metal Gaming Coins & more

Games Crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) is currently the driving force in the hobby market.

Sometimes this boom reminds me of the equity bubble. The gold rush mentality combined with the remarkable intransparent and ‚error-pone‘ project fullfilments might be reasons for a burst of the crowdfunding bubble.

Personally, among others things I had bad experiences with the Kickstarter for Conspiracy X The Conspiracies Sourcebook (by George Vasilakos/Eden Studios) and the Indiegogo campaign for 1650 (by Tercio Creativo). They did not deliver and their repeated poor communication is at least misleading.
Accordingly, I feel wilfully cheated and can – not – recommend these project initiators. If you want to support e. g. Dies Irae (1650 expansion by Tercio Creativo) be careful!

QU-SH-UG miniature (Pure Evil Miniatures)

QU-SH-UG miniature (Pure Evil Miniatures)

Nonetheless there are other interesting crowdfunding projects for gamers.

Annals of Ages: Tome of Races by Thomas J. Scott
„New fantasy races compatible with the 13th Age RPG and other D20 games.“

Preliminary Assessment: Undecided. 13th Age by Pelgrane Press is a without doubt a rising star, but I am no big fan of ‚generic‘ race guides or monster handbooks.

Goal: $18,500 – Funding Ends: Sep 15, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Nov 2013

QU-SH-UG Casting Fundraiser by Pure Evil Miniatures by Damien Sparkes „QU-SH-UG is a new Lovecraft inspired monster sculpted by Pure Evil Miniatures which needs funding to get it cast.“

Preliminary Assessment: Recommended. ‚Beautiful‘ creature miniature with a lot of tentacles and already funded.

Goal: £500 – Funding Ends: Sep 12, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Nov 2013

The Covetous Poet’s Adventure Creator and Solo GM Guidebook by Frank Lee
„A supplement to help tabletop roleplaying GMs create adventures and to allow players to play solo games with any RPG as both GM and PC.“

Preliminary Assessment: Recommended. Reminds me a bit of the Mythic RPG approach.

Goal: $3,500 – Funding Ends: Sep 16, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Feb 2014

The Best Damn Metal Gaming Coins Ever! by Conquistador Games
„Coins in five different sizes and finishes, covering many themes. Completely interchangeable, and perfect for hundreds of games!“

Preliminary Assessment: Highly recommended. Every gamer has a use some stylish tokens.

Goal: $5000 – Funding Ends: Sep 11, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Nov 2013

ArcWorlde – The Fantasy Skirmish Wargame by Warploque Miniatures
„Arcstorms rage, weapons clash and monsters roam the land. Take command and forge your legend in this fast-paced skirmish game.“

Preliminary Assessment: Undecided. There are so too many tabletop games …

Goal: £500 – Funding Ends: Sep 1, 2013 – Estimated Delivery: Feb 2014

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