Firefly Role-Playing Game: Gaming in the ‚Verse Pre-order (shipped after Gen Con)

Margaret Weis Productions. Ihr Marvel Superhero RPG gehört der Vergangenheit an.
Stattdessen kommt ein neues Firefly Rollenspiel.

Auf der Gen Con (15-18.08.2013) soll das „exklusive“ Gaming in the ‚Verse angeboten werden. Netterweise, bietet der Verlag eine Vorbestelloption für Fans an, die nicht auf der Messe sein können. Über diesen durchdachten Service freuen sich internationale Anhänger besonders.

Diese 152-seitige vollfarbige Vorschau kostet 29,99 $ (+shipping) und beinhaltet unter erste Einblicke in das Spielsystem und 2 Abenteuer in der Echoes of War-Reihe.

„Available for Pre-Order Today! Gen Con 2013 Exclusive!


Gaming in the ‘Verse: Gen Con 2013 Exclusive is a Firefly RPG convention special debuting at the Margaret Weis Productions booth during Gen Con: Indianapolis from August 15 through the 18th. This print title will include preview material that will be expanded upon and published in the upcoming Firefly Role-Playing Game based on the popular Fox television series created by Joss Whedon. In addition to sample art and entries from the corebook, fans will receive the first two, playable adventures in the Echoes of War line along with the Serenity Crew. All game material provided in Gaming in the ‘Verse will employ the Cortex Plus mechanic.


Both stand-alone Echoes of War adventures and the Serenity Crew characters will be available separately on DriveThruRPG in digital. Gaming in the ‘Verse: Gen Con 2013 Exclusive is a limited edition and will not be sold in retail stores. Fans may pre-order a copy on the Margaret Weis Productions website and may opt to pick it up at Gen Con or may have it shipped to a valid mailing address after the show in August.


As part of our guarantee, fans who order the Exclusive in print will also receive a free copy of the PDF after Gen Con.

MWP 7000 – ISBN: 978-1-93665-31-8 Softcover – Color – 152 Pages“
Firefly Role-Playing Game: Gaming in the ‚Verse product description

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