Fantasy Gaming Figures via Kickstarter

Fantasy Gaming Figures: Heroes (Gamelyn Games)

Fantasy Gaming Figures: Heroes (Gamelyn Games)

Fantasy Gaming Figures. Gamelyn Games hat eine kreative und preisgünstige Alternative zu den typischen und zumeist recht teuren Rollenspielminiaturen in petto.

Die Spieleschmiede bietet über Kickstarter fantastische Holzspielsteine („Meeples“) an. Ich habe keine Ahnung, ob sich dafür jemand anderes begeistern kann, aber die Idee trifft meinen Geschmack.

Ich spiele Skirmish Tabletops sehr gerne, ab und an verirren sich auch ein paar Miniaturen auf den Rollenspieltisch, aber das richtige Felderzählen oder gar Ausmessen (Iron Kingdoms RPG, argh) gehört für mich nicht zum Geschichtenerzählen eines Rollenspiels. Puppenschieben hemmt den Erzählfluß. Im Zweifelsfall genügen mir ein paar abstrakte Spielsteine, um etwas zu veranschaulichen.

Die preiswerten 30 verschiedenen 19 – 32 mm großen Holzspielsteine von Gamelyn Games sind vermutlich auch für Hobby-Spieldesigner interessant.

Tolle Idee, hoffentlich begeistern sich genügend Spieler für diese charmante Eingebung und investieren bis zum 18. Juni 2013 mindestens 9500 $.

Fantasy Gaming Figures: Monsters (Gamelyn Games)

Fantasy Gaming Figures: Monsters (Gamelyn Games)

„Wood meeples to use in RPG games, upgrade old classic games and make your friends jealous. The affordable alternative to miniatures


The Fantasy Game Figures project provides backers with unique wooden fantasy figures at an affordable price.


Figures with this level of detail have only recently been possible due to new precision laser-cutting technology. Each figure is highly detailed and much stronger than your typical meeples ensuring that every tail, horn, and sword tip are durable and incredibly difficult to break.


The figures range from 19mm to 32mm tall making them perfect size for RPGers, board gamers, and collectors alike. This set includes everything a game master needs to set the stage for an epic RPG adventure; heroes and monsters, large and small.


As a game designer and RPG gamer myself, I have always had a need for affordable figures. However, as much as I love molded miniatures, I simply cannot afford to build the large, diverse collection needed for most role playing games. That’s why I have set out to create a high-quality, inexpensive alternative to molded miniatures.


With 30 unique figures for just $20, you can now quickly build a large collection and have an army of Goblins, Orcs, and Dragons chasing a party of Heroes on the cheap. For instance, at the Game Master Reward Tier you can get 120 figures for only $60, that’s only $0.50 a figure. Or better yet the Army Builder Reward Tier, 300 figures at $0.42 a figure! Compare that to the cost of miniatures.


So, if you are like me and want an army of figures to use in games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any number of board games, even replacing the plastic pawns from old classics, then this project is for you. Whether you’re a fantasy buff and would love to have these figures to spark creativity or to make your desk at work that much more awesome, please show your support and help make this project a reality. Thank You!


P.S. What a great Christmas gift this would be for any gamer!“
Fantasy Gaming Figures product description

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