Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance Tabletop RPG via Kickstarter

Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance Tabletop RPG. Ryan Schoon und die neue Spielefirma Caelestis Designs bereichern die rollenspielende Kickstarterwelt mit einer Eigenentwicklung.
Es handelt sich um einen Stilmix aus Fantasy, Steampunk und Renaissance. Menschen, Elfen, Zwerge, Dampfmaschinen, Luftschiffe, religiöse Konflikte (etc.) und ein auf einem 12-seitigen Würfel basierendes Spielsystem sind die wesentlichen Kernmerkmale des Projekts.

Bis zum 01. Mai 2013 benötigt das Team 7500 $.

„A serialized pen & paper RPG set in a magical world where a Steampunk Renaissance is pitting Science against Religion.


Edara: A Serialized Role-Playing Game


Our goal for Edara is to make a serialized role-playing game that is both incredibly fun to play and incredibly fun to talk about. In today’s world of social networks and social gaming, everyone seems to crave that social component. With a serialized game, we will deliver that. Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance will deliver a central story to all of its players. No matter what characters you are playing, what level you have achieved, or what extra adventures your Game Master takes you on, everyone who follows the published adventure modules will be moving through the story at the same place. The same excitement at seeing a new episode of your favorite television show or reading a new entry into your favorite series of novels will be present after finishing one of the published Edara adventures. Social media will then become an outlet for fellow fans to gather together and discuss how their missions played out, attempt to unveil the mysterious machinations occurring behind the scenes, and share tips and strategies on developing characters. We will help organize these discussions with official Edara forums and pages across all networking sites, as well as organizing Edara „Mission Days“ at local game stores across America where your performance will be tracked and compared to other players across the nation. Supplementing these adventures will be planned novels, comic books, and even animated webisodes that will bring new depth to the story.


What is the Steampunk Renaissance?


The Steampunk Renaissance describes the cultural movement currently happening in Edara. For the past few centuries, Edara has been steeped in violence. Religious leaders from both the Black and White Bands believed their Primarchs to be at war and carried that spiritual battle to the physical fields of Edara. This lead to closed borders, division between the mortal races, and an air of tension that lasted for hundreds of years.


With the discovery of Steam Technology, all of this changed. Suddenly, there was hope. Green Band Inventors and Red Band Engineers went to work harnessing that power and creating Gadgets that make life easier. Roadways were built to connect cities that had never been connected. The first Cross-Realm railroad has been completed and steam powered Zeppelins roams the skies. The world is smaller than ever. This allows for an exchange of ideas and culture that had long since been forgotten. Now the focus is on the inventors, artists, and musicians who are slowly removing the blanket of fear from Edara. The world is ripe for travels and adventures. Edara is open once again.


The System


Edara uses a brand new game system developed by Caelstis Designs. The entire game can be played using only one twelve-sided die per player. This is to make the game simple for new players, and also to drive the idea that Edara is, first and foremost, a  game focused on role playing. Skill based solutions and creative role playing will often benefit you more than flat out combat. The die is there to determine if actions succeed or not, and to help give a framework for skill checks and combat.


When combat does occur, the D12 system that we have developed calls for creative solutions and strategic movements as opposed to lucky die rolls. The way to succeed in combat and devastate your enemies is by maximizing your Action Points (a set amount of points that must be divided among your actions each turn), working together to Engage and Overwhelm your targets (which keeps them off balance and allows you to press your advantage) and choosing the correct attack for the situation. Attacks are made via a strengths vs weakness system where the type of attack you are making has a better chance to succeed against certain types of opponents. You wouldn’t want to attack a giant troll in full scale-male with a rapier. That situation would instead call for a devastating magical attack, or a piercing bullet that can penetrate the armor.“
Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance Tabletop RPG product description

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