Dungeon Bastard: The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl via Kickstarter

The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl!. Epic Level Entertainment oder besser den bekannten Dungeon Bastard Bill Cavalier zieht es jetzt ebenfalls zum Crowdfunding hin.

Er möchte bis zum 19. Mai 2013 das schlechteste Abenteuer der Welt über Kickstarter finanzieren. Beim unheiligen d20, er benötigt dafür schlappe 16000 $.

„You’ve played the best, now conquer the WORST! Enter the Flaming Deathpits of the Minotaur Mage! An official DUNGEON BASTARD adventure!




Hey gamers, over the years I’ve given advice to thousands of players on how to KICK ASS (play a dwarf!) TAKE NAMES (inscribe them on your axe) and CRUSH DUNGEONS IN STYLE (hint: SWEATBANDS) but I’ve largely neglected to help those unfortunate souls sitting on the OTHER side of the screen – the DM.




Because being the DM is EASY. You just read some boring boxed text and send a couple of goblins into the room. A SECOND-GRADER COULD DO IT.

Some of my critics disagree. “EASY?” they say, as globules of rage fly across the room. “You think running an inventive, engaging, BADASS RPG adventure is EASY?”

That’s right. And I’m going to PROVE it by taking the World’s WORST Dungeon Crawl and making it AWESOME.


Based on decades of RPG experience, I’ve culled together the most odious PCs, plots, and encounters and built a Frankenstein’s MONSTER of BADASSITUDE. It’s called Flaming Deathpits of the Minotaur Mage: Descent into Doomfire! It has a hackneyed “Save the Princess” plot. It has pyromancer named “Steve.” It has ROLE-PLAYING.“
The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl! prodduct description

Was sagt man dazu? Der Titel Flaming Deathpits of the Minotaur Mage: Descent into Doomfire! sagt alles. Nein, nicht ganz:

„Whoever said playing roleplaying games won’t turn you into a Satanist hasn’t played D&D with the Dungeon Bastard.“
~Kenneth Hite

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